Masalai develops mobile app for BSP

Back in 2007, Bank South Pacific (BSP) gave us a contract to produce a visual signature verification software to run on a CD-ROM for their management. We’re happy to say that several years later they have been able to trust us again to develop a mobile application for them.

I don’t blame big companies for sending allot of software work overseas, because lets face it, PNG hardly has a huge software industry. So its heartening to have big companies trust small local businesses to take on such work for them.

Besides ourselves there are some good local software developers like KJ Dada, National Data Systems, KH Consulting, IsiLink IT and so on. It’s a slowly emerging industry that would benefit from some business support from larger companies.

For BSP’s mobile app, they wanted a software that would simulate mobile banking so that they could use it for training and customer awareness instead of using real mobile banking accounts. We were able to create a stand alone application which could be loaded onto a Java enabled phone for their training officers.

You can read more about the project on the following links:

(If you’re a PNG software company out there please feel free to post your website links in the comments section below so we can see who you are).

10 thoughts on “Masalai develops mobile app for BSP

  1. Screen prints look cool…..Will you be developing it in Python or java?and what platforms will it be compatible to?


    1. Hey Manu…. Very Cool….I find it hard to get my head around Java syntax….I tried to do a IM App for Nokia S60 OS but that was in Python….People might not i agree but i think Python’s the best language for Web Apps and mobile apps……It has a module for Nokia called PyS60….

      Happy Coding πŸ™‚


      1. Oh ok cool, will check it out and thanks for sharing. Also let me know if you have any ideas you want to release on the mobile networks here…

  2. About mobile networks, they have a greater coverage in PNG since Digicel arrived. Digicel now has a 3G network. Most 3G phones can connect to a PC/Laptop via blooth/USB to act as a modem for Internet.

    Browsers like Opera use special compression technology to deliver web content quickly. There’s commercial software available to boost the internet speeds for these devices with mobile networks. If Digicel could put out a request for developers to develop software for PC’s and Mobiles to create something for PNG consumers? Just an idea……

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