Leaders finally accepting the Rule of Law

This was a picture taken earlier this morning by Hon. Sam Basil on his BlackBerry. He uploaded it to his Facebook page to advise the public of the arrest of Deputy Prime Minister, Namah and Attorney General Marat.

From comments on FM100’s radio talk back show and comments on facebook, it appears that everyone is in full support of the two members of Parliament accepting the police charges to allow the rule of law to take place.

In other words, countless politicians have been charged before but they have done everything they can to stop the police for even just questioning them. Today’s arrest, it would seem, marks a new sense of leadership and accountability for our leaders.

Finally great to see leaders that do not act as if they are above the law. Now in terms of whether the Judiciary has something to hide well that’s another story…


4 thoughts on “Leaders finally accepting the Rule of Law

  1. I believe both parties are at fault here. An unconstitional government that is trying to derail formal court processes and, of course the CJ has outstanding rubbish to clean. The question is who upholds and sees that the Constitution is followed?

  2. No one seems to accept that the “Rule of law” also required the GG, in al the crcumstance, to call a dissolution of parliament and calling of elections.

    So much for democracy for the people.

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