Post Courier and their Gigantic ‘Senta’

It must be a disease, honestly it must. They just can’t avoid it. Maybe it’s our education system, maybe its the Post Courier management. Hell, maybe its Rupert Murdoch’s fault. But anyway so this is the latest in a loooooooooooooooooooong line of english language missteps at the Post Courier.


11 thoughts on “Post Courier and their Gigantic ‘Senta’

  1. The Supa Valu Centre,
    Has inflated a giant ‘Senta’,
    They hope you take the ‘view’,
    That it’s meant to ‘con’ – vince you,
    To save money by spending it ‘betta’.

  2. “Senta knows that at supa valu supermarket, the deals there every Xmas are getting betterer and betterer “

  3. Post Courier has a tendency to have misspelled words in their articles. It is particularly irritating when it’s their front page heading. I’m sure their journalists have long journalistic experience or graduates of journalism from respected institutions. Thus, I see no need for such mistakes And of course, there is the dictionary. A little help from this “book” can alleviate the cringe factor they set out to put in their readers every time they print out papers. I do sincerely hope they change this “habit”!

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