Belden Namah comments on Indonesia Jet issue

This is a posting on Deputy Prime Minister, Belden Namah’s facebook page on the Indonesian jet issue:


Firstly, it must be noted that all necessary procedures were followed in sorting the International Airspace clearance by our pilots prior to the flight. All approvals were given to fly over Indonesian Airspace. Indonesian Authorities through that clearance knew very well who was on board the PNG VIP Falcon Jet. On board the Falcon Jet were the Deputy Prime Minister, Honourable Belden Norman Namah, Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Honourable Sam Basil, Minister for Police, Honourable John Boito and Oil Palm investors from Malaysia and the air crew.

The incident happened on the 29th of November 2011. On that morning we had just departed Subang Airport in Malaysia destined for Port Moresby enroute Singapore and Indonesian airspace after getting all the necessary clearance by Malaysian Customs. As we were flying over Makassar in Indonesia we were intercepted by two Indonesian fighter jets. When our pilots enquired with the Indonesian Authorities of the incident they could not give any specific reasons for the intercept.

Image by Keith Anderson

This to me as a former military officer with Papua New Guinea Defence Force is an act of intimidation and aggression by Indonesian military. Especially, on a civillian VIP aircraft of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. We are an helpless country. We do not have the military might that Indonesia has and we also do not posses the miltary hardware or ammourments that they have. The Question Remains; WHAT WAS THE REASON FOR SUCH AN ACT????????????????

From what I read from the daily newspapers; They (Indonesian Authorities) acted on a tip off saying that the VIP Falcon Jet was carrying US$250million. This was allegedly revealed by Indonesian Intelligence Organisation.

1. The actions by Indonesian military MUST BE CONDEMNED IN THE STRONGEST POSSIBLE TERMS. Imagine if the Falcon Jet belonged to Australia, New Zealand, America or China for that matter and it was carrying their Deputy Prime Ministers or the Vice Presidents. What would be their reaction? I leave that for you to conclude.

2. The allegation of the US$250million is DENIED CATAGORICALLY. Imagine carrying such a large amount of money on the small Falcon Jet. You would probably need 20 Falcon Jets to transport that kind of cash. The realty is; You would need 2×40 foot containers to pack the money. ‘ IT IS A TOTAL JOKE.’

Finally, it is in this kind of test that the nations must stand united forgetting their differences and upholding their pledge to their motherland. Papua New Guineans MUST now learn to be NATIONALISTIC AND PATRIOTIC. WE MUST PROTECT OUR SOVEREINGNITY.



12 thoughts on “Belden Namah comments on Indonesia Jet issue

  1. Mahfudz Siddiq, chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives’ Commission overseeing defense and foreign affairs, said that Indonesia should not be provoked by mere threats, but added that the country should stand for itself if the ambassador were actually kicked out by the PNG government.

    University of Indonesia defense expert Andi Widjajanto told The Jakarta Post on Saturday that poor coordination between the Foreign Ministry and the Indonesian Military (TNI) was likely the main cause of the November incident in which two TNI aircraft intercepted a Papua New Guinea jet – Jarkata Post

  2. No need to apologize. This is not aggression, we just conducted visual clearance by sending our jet fighters.

    Moreover this incident happened in INDONESIAN AIRSPACE. All unidentified air crafts must be intercepted. We don’t wanna take a risk at black flight/intruder.

    We have sovereignty over our territory. Your government use this for diversion issues.

  3. The news sent by ABC Australia that indonesian jet fighters almost collided with PNG falcon jet is mislead or garbage rumour, that too mislead info for very advance and sophisticated jet fighter su27, i think the indonesia air force has already good job, and for PNG crew should be educated more about how to travel by plane properly, please get advise from your daddy aussy.

  4. It all happened in Indonesian airspace and they have a right protect their airspace… Nothing wrong with that. Why wasn’t this brought brought up last November?? Your govt is bringing this up just now basically for diversion purposes only!!

  5. Thank you all for visiting the blog. I personally think that our Government is perhaps overreacting in this situation.

    But while you’re all here, what is the general Indonesian populations opinion on West Papua? Should they be given sovereignty from Indonesia to be their own country?

  6. Bro Hogande is right what did business happening Belden deal, O’Neil suspected money laundering indication that the police should investigate independently, it might be blessing for your PNG people to find out crime was doing by wrong leader.

  7. What was the deputy PM doing in Malaysia with conn oil palm growers, are these the same crocks who promised to plant huge oil palm palntations is Sepik and Gulf instead going arround staeling land and timber

  8. Sorry but Mr. Namah should know there is what we call International Relations these days..than throw us with his CV. Your Military background is complete non-sense when it comes to international relations.

    What Namah should have done is let the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade deal with the issue diplomatically. These days we live as a member of Global Community and respect for each other. PNG Plan flying over Indonesia they have every right to check out with or without prior approvals.

    My message to Namah is…someday you will be a PM, you need to control your uncontrollable emotions…The Chief Executive of a National must be smart but also Wise. You are leading 7 million people among our Internnational neighbours.

    And what was this trip visit to Malaysia about.? Is it National interest?


  9. What DPM say is true. For this country to move forward we must stand together as one. One people one Nation. Free West Papau.Cheers

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