5 thoughts on “Teksi – an insight into the lives of Taxi drivers in PNG

  1. Thanks Mani,

    Been back in Oz for just over two months and really great to hear some “Tok Pisin” and some PNG music. Has made me a little “home” sick.


  2. i think our Pom taxis must have meters installed so correct payments are made for trips taken. Secondly, all taxis must have a radio network where movement of all taxis are monitored from a central radio control room.

  3. Thanks for sharing this excellent video. I started using taxis frequently in 2009, prior to that I probably caught a taxi in Pom twice in my life. I am more of a PMV catcher but with POM’s the population growth, taxi’s really are more convenient.
    There needs to be regulation of taxi’s drivers so that customers get a fair deal, however I do sympathise with those honest hardworking taxi drivers who are being targetted by crook police.

  4. taxis must really have meters and two way radios. drivers must be neat with taxis must have a comfortable interior.

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