The Traits Of Our Big Men



5 thoughts on “The Traits Of Our Big Men

  1. This should be hang on walls,in schools,homes,offices,public institutions and everywhere but importantly on a bill board in and around the country.

    1. Yeah,I know,he’s passed,blessed his soul;a good man.But surely where there is a will to do such as I have suggested,one can go through the exstreame to get permission,dont you think ?Maybe the NGO groups might like to take up my suggest and run with it.

  2. It is said that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit however I think that cartoon is absolutely spot on. Whoever drew it deserves a medal.

    The sad fact is that many politicians start off with the very best of intentions but get sidetracked and compromised along the way.

    Hopefully the tide of public opinion in PNG is changing and that people will be able to see their elected leaders in a clearer light if the current initiative to investigate the previous shonky deals gets properly underway before the general election.

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