By Reginald Renagi

I admire Dame Carol Kidu and was very impressed with her when she just disassociated herself from the MTS [Michael T Somare] mob. As technically we do not have a parliamentary opposition, it would be real good if the Dame took up the challenge of sitting there and taking the men to task on the ‘hard questions’. So I just requested her on what her future intentions may be and this is the Dame’s candid response:

“I am amazed how people are so interested in analysing my recent actions. Thanks to those who offer words of support – being a politician is not easy. Some posts are assuming that there must be some devious plot and or tactical movement involved.

Sorry to disappoint them, but as the only woman I’ve tended to be a ‘lone ranger’ in my political strategies. I had no alternative than this strategic move.

After 14 and a half years in politics I have no desire to be tainted by the Military Interventions that occurred. Where else could I go other than the opposition and as it is empty logically I must be the leader unless others decide to do the same. I believe that at least one other “dis-enchanted person” wishes to join me but not with the intention for a vote of no confidence as you would all know under existing law it would be illegal this close to an election.

I am still a Parliamentarian and I have a duty to fulfill my roles as such until the return of writs after the elections. I was very frustrated sitting in the middle benches.
At least in the opposition I have a recognised voice in our Parliamentary Democracy. There is a real need for bi-partisan, constructive debate on some of the populist policies that are being announced.

In addition I sincerely hope that I can retain the position as leader of the opposition, because while other MPs are campaigning, I can spend 5 months working on building the institutional capacity of the Office of the Opposition.

Our Parliamentary democracy has been seriously weakened and a strong, vibrant, independent Office of the opposition is basic to good governance.

In anticipation of the acknowledgement of my letter to the speaker stating my intentions to occupy the opposition bench, I have already started to research capacity building possibilities and seek possible avenues for assistance in this exciting challenge.

Hope this clarifies that there are no sinister intentions, nor ridiculous ambitions for power near the end of my 15 year Political career.

Some of you may be intending to stand and you will soon find, like I did, that politics is not an easy ‘game’.”


Well said, and thank you for your candid comments, Dame Carol Kidu.


10 thoughts on “THE DAME RESPONDS

  1. Reblogged this on Bernard Sinai and commented:
    I think it’s a good thing she finally disassociated herself to Sir Michael’s regime. Their defiant response to the mutiny attempt is something they should be ashamed of. I also think we should now be asking why the increased effort in regaining power especially on the eve of the general elections.

    A new government will soon be in place so why are they trying so hard?

  2. Too many thieves in parliament and they are taking this as an opportinuty to make megga millions. Good on you Dame Carol Kidu, at least we have someone who cares to challenge the dicissions on the floor of parliament. MTS camp looks imature and dealing this case as unionist group at a work force trying to stop the management for a quick out come.

  3. Watching EM-TV last night, it was embarrasing listening to Dame Carol’s colleague’s referring to her as “Lady Kidu” when she been recognised by the Queen in her own right! It was also embarrasing listening to another MP say he was ‘proud’ of her. She doesn’t need other MP’s to patronise her.

    Unfortunately, in a Parliament full of men, the only female MP has the b@lls to make this stand and I feel sad that come June/July, she’ll call it a day.

  4. I once requested to see Dame Carol once in 2000 to thank her for the fine work she was doing. Now not every MP will grant a request for a meet let alone a Minister with a busy schedule therefore I wasn’t expecting her to be available. Anyhow when I arrived at her Parliament office she was there. Now I must say that I am from another Province therefore she had nothing to gain from me in terms of getting a vote from me in the elections but availed herself nonetheless. She gave me five minutes to say my piece, afterwhich she was surprised. She thought I was somebody from moresby south and was expecting me to ask for some assistance but I only went to thank her for her good work and that she was one of the finest MPs on the floor of Parliament. She went on to tell me about her young life in Pari with her husbands relatives, how she would go to the garden to plant cassava or come home with the harvest. She said she never wanted to look any different or to be treated in any special than to the rest of the women folk in Pari. My five minutes was over in one and half hours. Thankyou Dame for making time available to meet a stranger on the street. You have been unique on the floor of parliament standing up not only for moresby south but for all of us in PNG, our sisters and mothers and daughters. You may not want to look any different to the women folk in Pari but certainly as an MP you have been unique to the rest of our honorable MP. That is why you are calling quits when you are still able to contribute more. How many other MPs have quit like you in PNG? They either die as MPs or loose elections. I hope your decision will also show other MPs that there is a time for everything and should seriously consider when they must quit to do other things. Farewell Lady.

  5. Sarah,

    with respect, It was pointed our to me a long time ago that women like Dame Carol don’t need male appendages in order to be a whole and effective person or in fact a good leader.

    That’s a male concept which I as a male, hadn’t previously understood, given that males traditionally make up the bulk of political leaders in society.

    What a pity Dame Carol has decided to retire but after 15 years, who can blame her?

    1. Excellent point taken Paul…then let me re-phrase by saying – “Unfortunately, in a Parliament full of men, the only female MP has the spine to make this stand….”

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