Something Up Those Short Sleeves?

Photo by Jason South, SMH

I came across a picture this weekend by photographer Jason South. Sir Michael T. Somare, looking frail, older and with walking stick rested against the wall, he came across to me as a lone figure in a cause that may never occur. You can click on the image to see a larger version.

It is truly sad that his illustrious career has ultimately come to this. I have criticised him for evolving into something of a hypocritical being, but now it just appears painful. Yet it’s hard to feel complete pity when he is still so adamant about his position in the current Constitutional Crises.

I’m sure he still has something up his short sleeves. A picture certainly says a thousand words for one man and his plans for 7 million people.


One thought on “Something Up Those Short Sleeves?

  1. Promotion neither comes from the East nor from the West but from the hand of the Lord, He dethrones one and enthrones another.
    For me personally, this are signs & symptoms that the day is coming near for Jesus to return, looks around you, place your hand on any part of the globe and there’s something happen there as well.
    We need to get prepared as individuals, as families, and as a nation if need be cause times and seasons in God have changed.

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