White Friday!

In light of the fact that after nearly 3 months we are still seeing double with our government, I propose that everyone wear a White Top (Shirt, T-Shirt, Blouse, etc etc) this Friday.

The day will be called ‘White Friday’ to show our feelings to the 2 PM’s that we want peace and a resolution fast. Let us all wear white every Friday until the elections come.

Please email, text and spread the word across PNG. You can also upload your pictures to our facebook page here.


5 thoughts on “White Friday!

    1. Yes keep on doing it until the issue is resolved..We will all have to do together,everyone should check and remain fellow PNGs whatever walk of life,thats if they want to play a part and do not just mauswara on the blogs and facebook.I agree also to get other media entities involved.

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