Journey Through The Stains performing @ Yacht Club

Hi everyone,

For those fans of Papua New Guinea contemporary art and music of the Sanguma era, my performing troupe ‘Journey through the stains ‘ are reviving a renaissance of the music, art and culture in Papua New Guinea.

We are performing tonight (Wed 22nd Feb) at the Royal Papua Yacht Club from 5:30pm – 8:30pm in what will be a defining moment for us! An opportunity to raise funds for the families of our lost brothers and sisters on the Rabaul Queen ship tragedy. The air will be thick with the creative exchanges of art, music and poetry.

This will be the first time we perform with an entire musical band, led by renowned PNG musician Pius Wasi.
Ratoos Haoapa and I will be painting live and we will have some special guest performers like Paul Yabo (former Sanguma band member) and upcoming talented young female poet Marie-Rose Sau.

For more information on our performance troupe visit our Facebook page


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