Micah Cautions Those Spreading Misinformation

What People on facebook group Sharp Talk thought about this press release…

Shannon Sariman The spirit of SOPA has arrived in PNG. 😛

Natascious Natasha Where does that phrase “All patriots and law abiding citizens are required to be vigilant” fit in the notice? LOL

Javia Immaculate hmm? lately,there has been many events in the country, what in particular is he refering too? Politics? Disasters? Environmental contamination? Now where is democracy, Mr. Politician?

Kitlyn Katip wow

Javia Immaculate Ok!! Media freedom, freedom of speech f@$@kd, (pardon my lingua)

Clement Dusava Freedom Of Speech? Freedom Of Expression? . . . I’ll say what I want, when I want and however I want about whichever government of PNG. Thanks for the warning Mr Micah, but no thanks. It’s a free country the last time I checked 😉

William Bill Boram Is that Mr Ben Micah??Oh no…:-(

Peter John Tate When they Check out FaceBOOK Groups , Lookout the Shit will hit the FANS, AND BOMANO Will be Full of People Speaking out about about Corruption, While the already Corrupted will be FREE ON THE oUTSIDE, , lol

Petrus Mombea Ben Micah should put his acts right first and stop bully PNG and the media, he is only one out of the 7 million Papua New Guineans..As for me and my house we will talk and talk, not to be easily supressed by actions of Ben Micah…lucky for Ben Micah that there was no public revolt despite the outcry…He will see it soon if the elections are deferred for any reason at all…that’s the only straw left for Papua New Guineans to clean this stupid mess created by Somare and O’Neil…both of these so-called leaders are at fault and messing up the country so they need to go and not come back…I will see you guys in Pangia/Ialibu Electorate come April 27, 2012.

Paul Barker a chilling message from ‘big brother’..the sort of message you’d expect to see in Ghadafi’s Libya, or the former Soviet Union, but not egalitarian PNG!

Michael Kukne Restraining Public Speech is Depriving of Human Rights. Freedom of speech acts as the guarantor of other rights, permitting open political debate and challenges to government authority while people would be free to criticize the government …See More

Johnny Mortel How can we compare ‘a serious crime’ such as freedom of speech vs missappropriation of billions of kina. Over to you, Sovereign State of PNG. Can anyone found out which person is currently in jail for stealing and compare it with the amount in Millions misappropriated. This is not rumours , daily newspaper has it everyday.

Michael Kukne How about obscenity and incitement of illegal activity??? Allowed??…illogical indeed, doesn’t make sense here…

Caca Pukienei Yeklembari Its a free Papua New Guinea and i will say what i want when i want… No one will suppress me…!

Johnny Mortel Can any politician offer himself up for a free open debate on behalf of the govt. Where is the spokesperson? The only way we can solve issues of this country is to communicate with each other. So far , I see this not happening. Emtv, being a foreign enterprise , could you organize a debate on National TV by intellects and learned members of society for debates for the common good of our Nation !

Esther Igo Freedom of speech is our right Mr Ben Micah!!! Suppressing it will bring about people rivolt: it is evident all over the world!! They are fighting for their right so Mr Politician this is not a rumor!!!!!

Natascious Natasha Are you peeps willing to save my ass if I come under fire as admin for ST??

Johnny Mortel Who is putting your ass on fire? We will contribute to pay a lawyer and sue the State ( ourselves ) so we can see what the meaning of Democracy is and why Middle Easterner Arabs die for a Cause in which we already have. Either we are going forward, or gradually regressing due to over contamination of corruption. Oh yeah, while on that subject, watch out for black mailers who want to frame you from speaking the truth.


Javia Immaculate ‎Natasha Panta, why would you be held accountable. An insane person would do that besides you dont tell people to post what they post on ST. Its just the same posting on individual walls diff is all like mided brains come together ari their views. Should they do that, tell them to go sue the founder of fb, hahaha, Im sure he has millions to pay the pollies to use for election campaign, bahahaha

Johnny Mortel ‎$!@!% oops typo error, do I have the freedom to make mistakes?

Natascious Natasha Thanks for the support 🙂 Back to the thread… Ben Micah can go to hell!

Javia Immaculate hahahahaha, Jonny, no yu dont as per the article above, accuracy..lol.. Mr Ben, be realistic for a sec, pls.

Johnny Mortel Founder of Face Book is from Israel so God is on his side. Bzzzzt , Nations are wrong again. Natasha , I would respect him more, even if he caused you stress.

Javia Immaculate Long live facebook, longlive sharp talk. ben Micha can jump in the lake..lol..

Paul Barker Hey Johnny…your a few miles off! Mark Zuckerberg, the FB founder, is from New York (a fair way from Israel), with a psychiatrist mum and a dentist dad…enough to send any kid running off to escape to his computer!

Natascious Natasha ‎Caca Pukienei Yeklembari thats too strong! Rephrase please…

Kitlyn Katip Ben Micah should be left on an Island to die in exile!

Natascious Natasha He should be left on Emirau island alone… LOL

Petrus Mombea Tell Ben Micah to come to Pangia/Ialibu on the 27 April 2012 and come and supress me from talking, talking and talking. I bet he will not even throw his legs over there. Has he been intimidating the New Irelanders like this over all these years?


Caca Pukienei Yeklembari Natasha, Oops sori im just trying to express what i feel and what i want to say ok sori if there is a revolt and people are hurt because of Michas press release he must face the hardest and maximum penalty for the chaos if there is any.

Alexander Rheeney Anyone on ST with a picture of Ben Micah ?? I did a Google image search for the former Kavieng MP and it seems he lacks an online presence hence no pictures whatsoever. If I am working on a commentary on Micah’s Bainimarama-like censorship tactics hence the request. If you want to remain anonymous then inbox me on FB or Alexander.Rheeney@gmail.com Tenk yu true !

Javia Immaculate dahahahahaha, Ben should get nautulus mining ltd to build him a palace in the deepest part of pacific ocean so he can never return to exercise his rights..Rather, it would be best for him to volunteer and be locked behind bars so he can see the full meaning of , democracy, rights, freedom.

Noel Pascoe ‎@Nastasha, re dumping him on Emira island…he’s been trying to flog it off for many years, for things like a US rocket launching base, for petes sake…that island is buggered, from its wartime use as an air base for the Yanks.

ID Png For someone who is alleged to be involved in the sale of emmarau island …..Shame on him

Javia Immaculate So he is the guy behind the sale, Landless guy. What a shame..

Noel Pascoe Alex, check the PC guys…they would have old pics of him from the last time he caught headlines…was that his last attempt to gag the media about 10 years ago?? or the US launching idea.?

Kitlyn Katip If there is anyone that should have his/her rights to speak suppressed. It should be Ben Micah himself!

Alexander Rheeney Thanks Noel Pascoe will do that…..

Javia Immaculate Good, please stop this person from selling the people’s life and survival away. Vote out leaders with no heart for the people.

Margaret Brownjohn Ulterior motives to destabilise the government?!?… What about accountability to the people that elected them in..or listening to people’s concerns and coming up with solutions to improve?

Michael Kukne It’s obvious, folks…Ben Micah has been manipulated to do what he’s done…he shouldn’t be criticized like that…there’s someone behind all that’s been signed…you all know that…

Natascious Natasha You mean Ben Micah is a rubber stampMichael Kukne

Caca Pukienei Yeklembari The elections are around the corner and people vote in new leaders not these recycled power hungry, greedy leaders. I think the entire parliament needs to be replaced with leaders who put their people first and not those are there for there own gain.

Michael Kukne Natasha, yep that’s what he is…obvious

Paul Barker hardly Michael…Ben was president of UNIECH SRC and then went into politics at a very early age, was chairman of the Law Reform Commission’s review of the Organic Law on Prov and Local Govt for Wingti/Chan govt (the OL which has given the country various various headaches), but he’s always been there standing out in his own right, not dancing to another’s tune!

Billy Kian Mamu DEMOCRACY is derived from a greek word which means ” rule of the people” or can be termed ” people power” not “Ben power”. Wait this coming election and you see the people’s power through the ballot boxes.

Michael Kukne Understood Paul, then why would he come up with such an idea that puts everyone to question, he was never been criticized on fb or else where…he’s mentally affected.

Esther Igo Phew!! My head is revolting already with all these sick self centred men!! None of them are leaders!! Someone please give me the definition of “leadership”. Coz the definition I have sadly does not reflect the majority of them!!

Paul Barker well Michael, sometimes people state that they’re strong believers of freedom of expression when they’re in opposition, but become much less enthused over it when in power and subject to criticism!…

Michael Kukne ‎@Esther: “leadership” is about becoming a servant and serving the people in short, when the leaders become the boss, that’s where the problem is…pride, greed, and self-centered controls the person…

Belinda Yapen For the record, Mr Micah is not an MP but rather an official engaged by the O’neil govt to head the media unit so it seems. Thus, any press release fr that office would be the official statement fr the govt of the day so let’s not be too hasty in our criticism of the individual but rather view the statement wholistically. The govt is the real culprit here!!

Katrina Collins I’ve just read this media release and personally don’t find anything wrong with it. I’ve read some very personal attacks towards our politicians and lawyers right here that were crossing the line of ‘freedom of speech’.

Natascious Natasha

I think Caca Pukienei Yeklembari has deleted his comment pertaining to torture of Ben Micah… I beg to differKatrina Collins most people say the truth that is why they will feel threatened, not because they are spreading rumours

Caca Pukienei Yeklembari ‎@ Natasha i can put up that comment again but that is what i feel and what i want to say i have a freedom of speech and no one will suppress me not even little Ben if you want me to put the comment up i will do it. You said its too strong so im removeing it for readers who mite feel offended. I want PNG to torture Ben Micah if that press release happens to cause riot and revolt which will happen if not contained.

Paul Barker everyone should feel free to express their concerns and sentiments, debate, make suggestions and plans, but refrain from making threatening, lurid or aggressive statements which might jeopardize the safety and security of another person or wider public safety …

Natascious Natasha Sharpies just google “signs of dictatorship” SCARY STUFF…

4 thoughts on “Micah Cautions Those Spreading Misinformation

  1. Thanks ‘The Critic’.

    One good point Gordon Warvi from our Masalai office said to me today was that, the Government should be focusing its efforts on being a part of the conversation not watching it.

  2. Media slam government’s ‘subversive’ policy

    Source: The National, Wednesday 07th March 2012

    TWO media organisations have condemned the government’s plan to reprimand those who spread “malicious and misleading” information.

    The government’s plan was contained in a statement from Ben Micah, the chief of staff at the Prime Minister’s office.

    It stated that any person found using their mobile phone, email or Facebook to spread information considered “malicious and misleading” will be considered to have committed a serious crime and will be “dealt with”.
    The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the Pacific Freedom Forum are concerned about the government’s announcement of a new “monitoring” committee, tasked with identifying those expressing views it considers “subversive”.

    Micah emailed the statement on Feb 22, giving details of the new committee to local journalists.

    It was also posted on a PNG media page on social networking website Facebook.

    The two organisations said the statement raised concerns for free speech and individual privacy rights, as it appeared to criminalise the personal use of phones, email and social networking websites without a clear legal mandate.

    They said the statement also threatened unspecified punishment for those found to be using personal communications technology in a manner deemed “illegal and detrimental”.

    “Freedom of speech is a key requirement of good governance,” the IFJ Asia-Pacific Office said.

    “Policies and laws which attempt to censor or punish those expressing themselves online, or via other communications technologies, violate this core principle of democracy.

    “The IFJ believes that PNG’s existing laws are sufficient to allow authorities to investigate legitimate acts of subversion, and urges the government of PNG to reconsider any plans it may have for the monitoring and criminalisation of personal communications.

    “The press and public should be able to express themselves freely without fear of intimidation or criminal prosecution”.

    Opposition leader Dame Carol Kidu had raised the same concern last week, urging the government to clarify what it meant by “dealt with”.

  3. Ben Micah is a failed politician and so his proposition to curb and curtail the FREEDOM of SPEECH and EXPRESSION is an indication that something fishy is cooking…. I wonder why the good old PM decided to employ a failure as his chief of staff. I think your time in Politics and Administration is up Ben.. You need to find somtething more appropriate for your mind set to pass time and allow you to sit back and watch younger vibrant politicians take PNG to the next level… Incidently your mind set is slightly better then Beldon because he is one of the least qualified Politician and is doing everything wrong… Anyway what more can you expect from a CONVICT..

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