Some reflections on the “Quarter-to-Twelve” experience today with Jeffry Feeger

By Neo Malesa

I managed to brave the Moresby sun for 2 hours today watching Jeff and the other artists in action at downtown and I write this on behalf of some the common citizens and the grassroots who witnessed the live exhibition.

Jeffrey Feeger

For me, it was a very powerful experience. I saw the power of art and expression like never before in my life. It was the first time for me to see a live exhibition and from that two hours alone, I learned and captured more of the energy and spirit of the artist than in all my twenty four years of life. And I’m sure most who were there feel that way too. I realised that it’s not just the finished painting that speaks, it’s also the act, the work in progress, the energy of the painting artist that is infused onto the canvas that speaks much more. Those who view the finished work will not really feel the energy and emotion of that painting. I am so privileged to be part of that work of art, I watched the entire work as it started and I feel like my soul is in that, I feel it is part of me and I am a part of it. I can still feel the energy of it in me as I write this – every stroke, the dabs, the etching, the splatters, the scratches and even the final violent cuts and slashes and the anger that broke that final canvas off.

This has truly impacted me forever.

We need artists who really speak to the soul of the nation. Artists whose art is not just aesthetically acceptable by Western standards, but is emotionally impacting and life-changing – art that can really affect a person’s life and speak directly to his/her soul.

I believe artists must have a higher purpose. Not just for you to be famous, recognized and ego-inflated, but for you to really use your art to impact our people, to affect the mentalities of our grassroots. Politicians can only make policies. Whether they are done or not is anyone’s choice. Change will not come from up-down. Politicians, expatriates or men in high places have no power to change our land because the power is in our hands, the sons of this land. Revolution always starts from down-up. We are the people of this land and we must take back the power from the hands of politicians and corrupt people in high places.

You don’t know how much influence and impact your art can have because you haven’t really gone to the grassroots. That’s where the revolution will start. I really want to thank Jeff for bringing his art out to the streets, to the grassroots and the public – right in the streets of POM City.

I have so much to say but I think the bottom line for us artists in PNG is: There is a power in art yet to be discovered!

Oh Arise, all ye sons [and daughters]  of this land… Let the Artists of this land come forth!

(More Pictures of the Day Here)

5 thoughts on “Some reflections on the “Quarter-to-Twelve” experience today with Jeffry Feeger

  1. Thank you Neo for your wonderful description of the event and how it touched you personally. I have been involved with the PNG contemporary art community for over 10 years now and without a doubt the greatest strength of these artists is their ability to communicate very strong social and political commentary. The completed works ‘speak’ to all walks of life, people from all backgrounds, areas and interests and bring issues to the attention of a much wider audience. Jeffry and Ratoos are two of our better known artists, internationally as well as at home, and both regularly deal with these sorts of issues in their work.

    The art community here is, although sadly under appreciated, a wealth of talent, determination and one of the greatest ambassadors of the real Papua New Guinea.

  2. ‎-A Quarter To Twelve-

    And the flyers came out
    And the memories of that
    One night all roll back
    Like a massive carpet thrown forward
    A carpet painted with emotions
    All laid bare
    In the open
    Ready to pounce at the heart
    Of the brave
    Of the willing
    Of the one who’s
    Only desire is to embrace
    The art
    Like cupid would to
    I watched time tick by
    And then I feel it
    Oh how my creative soul
    Slipping away
    Down the lift
    And out to the sidewalk
    Its like it has been summoned
    To be with the standstill of time
    And I hear it call
    My creative soul
    It whispered to my heart
    Toying with my heartstrings
    And I am drawn away
    Into the lift I follow the tune
    Onto the sidewalk
    And the song
    My creative soul it starts to sing
    And I am stolen away
    Lost to this world
    With only the sighing that very soon
    My creative soul will
    Smile that I listened
    And there beyond
    The buzzing of the cars
    The clamoring of the day
    I see where my creative soul
    Had led me too
    Up ahead the standstill of time
    And it spoke…
    A Quarter To Twelve

    By Marie-Rose Sau

  3. HI Manu,

    Great article and the poem by Marie-Rose reinforced the sentiments. Thank you artists olgeta.

    Was there myself – it was awesome! Read your FB entries and the photos are wonderful – capturing the spirit of those creative moments.


  4. Neo, your words capture the tru heart of the creative spirit. I really appreciate and value how you’ve expressed the grassroots depth that has been impacted by such passionate creative leaders! As you say, a tru artist is not distracted by the lure of fame, but is drawn to his/her purpose of communicating that of his/her vision through a visual language that transcends the audible dialect and strikes at the very root of one’s spirit. Thanks for writing this!

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