A Matter of Price with Mobile Competition


An interesting fight has been going on lately between bemobile and Digicel. Fights in business are sometimes good, because it means the people involved want to get to the truth about something. It appears that on the face of it bemobile may be cheaper after all with voice but Digicel may be cheaper with data. But Digicel has that luxury after buying out Data Nets.

You can read a good coverage of the issue here and Digicel’s response here.

All in all an interesting fight for hopefully better rates for us in PNG, especially for our local calls. What are your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “A Matter of Price with Mobile Competition

  1. The fight will be be even better when/if BeMobile invests in infrastructure expansion and increase network coverage….and even better for us customers

  2. Digicel have spent millions of kina getting their infrastructure in place. We all know how Digicel was treated by bemobile when they entered the market – bemobile used every possible tactic, legitimate and dirty, to stall Digicel’s progress. I think it’s time for bemobile to eat some humble pie.

  3. Just to set the record straight, the name bemobile was launched in 2009. Digicel came into PNG in 2006, when the mobile business was owned by telikom. bemobile now cannot be held accountable for telikom tactics in those early years. It is now a seperate entity, owned by investors in this country such as IPBC & NASFUND . Till today its been fighting for its own identity and extra funding to develop its infrastructure, which will eventually bring the better rates and services for the PNG people in this country.

  4. Well there’s a problem that needs to be addressed before you start upgrading and expanding upon your existing infrastructure. Your brand recognition is high but what is even higher is your brand association!

    Better start pumping some Kina into a marketing campaign distancing bmobile from Telikom – for that perception still holds true to most Papua New Guineans.

    And it’s a rather damaging perception too.

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