Documentary Showing @ University of Virginia: “Come Back Tomorrow”

Back in 2009, I mentioned a documentary on this blog called ‘Reviens Demain’ or ‘Come Back Tomorrow’. I never actually watched the film, but rather I was commenting on how it was the 3rd election documentary I had come across that was related to the 2007 National Elections in PNG.

Finally after all these years I’ll be watching it tonight in of all places, Brooks Hall at the University of Virginia, courtesy of anthropologist Ira Bashkow, who’s family I am staying with here. So if you’re in the neighbourhood and you want to come tok halo tasol, please do.  The film should be starting around 7.30pm. Here’s a little excerpt about the film:

“A film by Eytan Kapon and Andre Iteanu…Seven years after the filming of “Letters to the dead”, this project revives our three characters on another key issue, politics. The campaign revives old rivalries between the three childhood friends, who have chosen different paths.

The lawyer and the priest had decided to stand for the 2007 elections, while the traditionalist grapples with the global economy as he is in possession of a tidy sum of money and he wants to go into business. Andre Iteanu tells the story of ambitions trying to make sense of troubled times in their lives and in which their questions echo ours. For them politics is not a cold and cynical, but an object of hope to be invested in.”

“This film wants to encourage reflection on the relationship between the western world and a third world [majority world] country. Each character is struggling for a better life, but it is also the struggle of a country with the pressures of development”

Come Join Us at Brooks Hall tonight.

2 thoughts on “Documentary Showing @ University of Virginia: “Come Back Tomorrow”

  1. From the description this sounds like a real interesting doco. After viewing it would you say it is one worth seeking out?

    Been a big fan of The Masalai Blog for a few years now and was pleasantly surprised to see that you are in the “area”. Hope your project is going well. Plis toksave sapos yu tingting lo raun ikam lo DC na laikim wanpla “tour guide”. Mipela ol wantok husat istap longwe lo ples are indebted to blogs like this for helping us keep abreast of the latest “PNG happenings” outside of the traditional (and often skewed) media and I would be more than happy to start repaying the favor by showing you around if needed. No worries if not. Hope you have a great time during the rest of your stay and thanks again for starting this blog, em kam gut stret!


  2. Hi Jay,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. First up, yes it’s a movie worth watching, it’s actually more about the relationship of the movie makers and the community itself, the elections ends up acting as more of a background to what is really going on in the film. So an interesting twist on development and non-papua new guineans who come to PNG to “help”.

    So have had a great time here on the East Coast culminating in participating in a Seder last night and sadly it’s time to go home now. I head to DC (Dulles Airport) this afternoon at 5pm for my flight back to LA, so unfortunately won’t have time to see DC sadly. But great to know there are santos around, so thank you so much for the offer!

    Stap Gut!

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