PNG 2012 National Election Delay

Our country has plunged into a myriad of questions with our Parliament’s decision to delay the national elections by 6 months, so….

  1. Is the delay Constitutionally legal?
  2. If it isn’t legal do we have time for a judicial review?
  3. Do we even have a legal Supreme Court bench to hear any judicial reviews?
  4. How much financial damage can a government do in 6 months?
  5. Will Bob Carr act on his threat of sanctions?
  6. Will Julie Bishop still see us economic partnership material?
  7. Will O’Neill or Namah survive the elections if it happens?
  8. Could they delay further after 6 months since no one can trust any politician now.
  9. Can the PNG people show their feelings about the situation like they did in the sand line crises when they forced a PM to resign.

The only thing we have control over now is who we can vote in, if and when the elections happens.

One thought on “PNG 2012 National Election Delay

  1. It is my pleasure to make my comment here “delaying elections until another 6 months”.
    Fair to some who are ignorant to the small people people who are struggling 60xs more to make ends meet. I am greatly sorry for how PNG is dictated by a minority greedy and self-centred Politicans.
    In reals sense this politicians cannot prove anything right with this intention when everything is not alright in the last 10 yrs. Either on boths sides of the parliament are struggling for their own greedy gains. If anybody out there reading please lets come together and make our our business to say not to all these parliamentarians a never to vote them (all 109). Do not embrase your wantok, family or whosoever, but lets all say so to everyone / anyone and elect new leaders to parliament. Namah and O’neil are not as good as the others. Neturally to save all lot of us our unique stands now is to VOTE EVERY ONE INDIVIDUAL CURRENT PARLIAMENTARIANS OUT and lets see a new political revolution in the country. Otherwise, a best and blood shed civil sanction is just around one meter above a trout.

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