The Protest March Against The Election Delay: Pictures & Video


Tavurvur has a great wrap up of the behind the scenes shenanigans contributing to the events of late, which you can see here and Alexander Rheeney has a good write up about today here. But in a nutshell, Claire Kouro gives a snap shot of the day as follows:

  1. The issue of writs is officially postponed until May 18th (Mr Trawen said so!)
  2. Today’s Parliament sitting is postponed to 10am tomorrow
  3. The Judicial Act will be repealed as long as Injia and Kirriwom step down (Mr O’Neil said so)
  4. The issue of today’s march will blow over and people will forget (Mr Namah said so)
  5. Mr O’Neil wound down his window and waved royally to all of us gathered at the Sir John Guise Stadium when leaving.
  6. Mr O’Neil stated clearly that ONLY the Electoral Commissioner has the authority to delay or not the 2012 National Elections therefore he can’t give assurance that elections will run according to schedule
  7. Mr O’Neil stated CLEARLY that he will repeal the Judicial Act if Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia and Justice Nicholas Kirriwom step down.

Today highlights the interesting growth of people power which began to take shape during the height of the Constitutional crisis last year. One has to ask though whether all this people power in PNG politics can spill over into election choices if and when we vote?

I certainly hope so.

Thanks to everyone today who participated in mind and body, we are beginning to see the PNG public very slowly beginning to voice what they don’t want.

Now we need to articulate the future that we do want!

4 thoughts on “The Protest March Against The Election Delay: Pictures & Video

  1. Thanks Manu, Tavuvur, Martyn Namorong et el for your excellent coverage of the current political situation at home. I prefer to read your blogs over the two online papers. The commentry and analysis that comes with the coverage is timely, insightful, well written and very informative. Keep up the great work! Mipla ol wantok husait ino stap lo ples hamamas stret lo gutpla wok blo yupla.

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