Parliament Fiddles While the Peoples Frustration Burns

As the donkeys continue to fiddle with our laws, the people’s frustration continues to burn. Whether or not the public protest last week was successful or not remains to be seen, but what it clearly highlighted in the way it was rapidly organised over an Easter weekend (when most families are in church), was that the public really is getting frustrated with this time warped legislating circus. Here are some examples for your studying pleasure:

More angst in the community can also be seen in the recent in-fighting amongst the police. Yet another example of a leadership that is bringing out the worst in all of us.

So how did it all go wrong? When the O’Namah government came into power there was immense support for them, by the simple fact that they were finally saying what we wanted to hear. Finally, we all though that the policies that really mattered like educationinfrastructure, health and so on would be put on priority.

With such record approval rates, why did they begin tampering with our laws? There is nothing wrong with amendmenst to laws or introducung new Acts of Parliament, this is of course one of the great functions of our adopted Westminster system. However we do have to ask what greater good each amendment or new act brings to society.

As with any country that has a written charter for its government, where else do you turn to but to your Constitution. Specifically within our Constitution is our National Goals and Directive Principles (forget Vision 2050 and all that rubbish). I won’t go through the whole body of text that comprises the National Goals and Directive Principles, (you can read it for yourself with explanations on its origins here), but I will say that if those goals and principles are not the guiding light for these amendments and bills, then what is motivating them?

Fundamentally and on an absolute personal level, what does O’Namah hope to achieve? They have already lost the publics support, they are slowly losing the International community’s approval, they are testing the patience of the private sector and all for what purpose?

My advice to them would be that they say they’re sorry, drop all their bills and put all their efforts into running the best elections this country in the Pacific has ever seen. This would at least maintain some integrity for them because the more they fiddle to stay in the big house, the more likely that house is going fall on them as the fire rages around them.

12 thoughts on “Parliament Fiddles While the Peoples Frustration Burns

  1. You hit the nail right on the head Emmanuel. I thought we were in for a real change when the Govt changed but am really having second thoughts, even allot of expatriate friends within the country think like-wise.

    I’m puzzled O’Namah haven’t read the writings on the wall. I hope they do soon as the symptoms in the last couple of weeks are worrying.

  2. Some comments from Sharp Talk on the Government’s latest moves to remove the Electoral Commissioner because his appointment seems to have not been valid:

    Geoffrey Ulsimbi
    The Oneil Namah goverment is looking for exuses to defer the elections now their are complain abut the Electoral comisioner’s retirement age and the protest was led by intending candidates for this year’s election…what a load of crap…Lets see what excuses they have in store on tomorrow’s news.

    Mynnchii Kipefa Its a crap reason…Ol gavaman painim toktok na wok ya

    Jeffery Hasimani Kulunga is old, yet no questions asked about his…Peter O’Neil would do much better if he had a spoke person to speak for him,,in that way we don’t get to see our PM sounding foolish on TV.

    Lucina Tadabe It’s amazing listening to what Oneil and his government come up with everyday. Papua New Guinea can see right through the excuses,excuses, excuses. They should just stop talking and let the people decide by our votes.

    Francis Wayambo it looks like PNG has become a dictatorial country now, but we pngns’ are not realising it. the way onama government finding every excuse to be still in power and suppress or set up laws to suppress every opposition. One way to kill a frog is to put it live in a pot with water and slowly heat it. The frog will adjust to the heat and without realising the water will boil and kill it. This is my frog analogy of we pngns’ just adjusting to this govn. God save png

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr Just rubbish guys – the law that applies to the PC retirement age is DIFFERENT to the law which provides for the EC ‘s retirement age which is the Organic Law on National and LLG elections. The EC’s appt was unconstit and not acc to the organic law. Should the govt just ignore that and pretend his appt is OK. God help PNG if that is the case.

    David JR Midi How much can the people of these country go on hearing from this government? Their actions and the way they present themselves shows that of a irresponsible, weak and ill-decisive regime that uses all possible excuses to defend their unconstitutionsl actions that has no moral bearing whatsoever. It is simple, plain logic that this government is prepared to go to the extreme lenghts dven changing our laws to cling to power. God blesss PNG.

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr David – be detailed – not just vague rhetoric- do you have a shred of evidence – a fact to back up your vague statements ?

    Susan Merrell It’s all about the timing, Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr of this investigation and others, isn’t it? Things are coming to light at the most opportunistic of times. Sorry, justify it all you like, it still beggars belief.

    Susan Merrell Why doesn’t someone insist that the arrest warrant on the Speaker be carried out? The government seems to be able to turn a blind eye to this but “God help PNG” if the perfectly competent Electoral Commissioner is a couple of years too old! Oh please!

    Lucina Tadabe Yes God help PNG from the circus that happens in Paliament every time it sits.

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr Timing ? All they have had is 9 months – and the stuff that has gone down is enormous – so a few weeks out from elections – you find out (1) electoral rolls just a mess and many not completed and (2) despite having years to do it , the EC has failed to put in biometric ID systems and (3) the way trawen’s re-appointent was done was contrary to organic law and therefore invalid. Is the govt meant to say – all is wrong – but the timing sucks – so let’s just pretend that everything is OK and proceed. Sorry but that is unacceptable – sorry abut the timing – but you must agree – in there sort of matters – no time is the right time.

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr What arrest warrant on the speaker ?

    Alex Kerang Tiffany Twive-Nongorr, are you the legal advisor to the Gov’t? Welcome to this forum and your intervention in clarifying issues is appreciated. Thanks to your previous comments. My simple question is that WHY the Govt continue look for flaws in the constituion, adminitrave laws and policies to justiy its actions? Do we care about conducting 2012 Election or adopting Delay tactics here.. Timing of things as pointed out by Susan M is valid question for you to answer as well. Please Leave Andrew Trawen to complete his task and the new govt can retire him next year.

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr What perfectly competent electoral commissioner ? He has failed to implement biometric technology for voter I’d – even tho it was he who pushed the amendments thru Parl

    Sally Tadabe Hi Ms Twivey. Forgive my ignorance, which part of the Organic Law on elections was amended to include the use of the bio-metric system in the PNG electoral process?? And when did it come into effect? Thankyou for your time.

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr Am I the legal adviser to the govt ? The short answer is not really. I advise some on some issues – but there is a hugeteam of lawyers for both sides. I am one of many.

    Susan Merrell Were it an isolated case then perhaps the explanation would be plausible – but it’s not, is it? Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr, you know better than I that every time someone opposes this government their head rolls. It’s lucky for this government that nearly everyone in the elites of PNG has some skeleton in their closet that can be brought out AT THE OPPORTUNE MOMENT.
    In my possession, I have a copy of an arrest warrant for the Speaker dated in January for an alleged 30 million Kina attempted fraud.
    I guess if you know nothing of it, you’re not acting for him.

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr Sally – in 2006 the Organic Law on National and Local Level Govt Elections was substantively changed to allow for biometric I’d – John Nonggorr drafted all amendments and he and Trawen advocated the changes so that 2007 would be the last sham elections. They had 6 years to implement the changes – and Trawen has completely failed to do so.

    Susan Merrell Under the circumstances Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr, after the mass protest against the deferral of elections, that the government chooses to tackle this problem now, for its own sake is pure idiocy. Assuming that they’re not all rank idiots in Waigani, an ulterior motive is not only possible but probable.

    Sally Tadabe Again, what particular provisions in the OLLLGE facillitate the use of the biometric system – am looking at it now, cant seem to find it – maybe my copy is an old one. Please advise which provision. Thankyou.

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr Sally – in 2006 the Organic Law on National and Local Level Govt Elections was substantively changed to allow for biometric I’d – John Nonggorr drafted all amendments and he and Trawen advocated the changes so that 2007 would be the last sham elections. They had 6 years to implement the changes – and Trawen has completely failed to do so. Sally – they are the substantial amendments in 2006 – 30 provisions were amended – biometric ID – start at Part 8A sections 71A – 71C. The amending act is known as No 00 of 2006. Why do I have to tell you this !

    Mynnchii Kipefa Tiffany, why all these time since August 2nd 2011, the government didnt want to deal with EC if his appointment was unconstitutional..Why now at the eve of writs to be issued when govt is jumping up and down to defer election. Priorities are not right..

    Nou Vada Government cant even take care of its employees…. what makes them think they can properly implement a biometric system which we will require dedicated mainframes and state-of-the-art database management applications and specialist staff

    Susan Merrell If Trawen was not a considerable impediment to the deferral of the elections the government would not have blinked an eye at this. Since when does anything run like clockwork in PNG? Besides, what are the government doing? Prosecuting/investigating misdemeanours while the egregious sins are overlooked. WHAT ABOUT THE ARREST WARRANT ON THE SPEAKER?

    Nou Vada This is a clever ploy to fustify restructuring structuring of the Electoral Commission and to manouvre for the sacking of Trawen.

    First they voted without proper powers to so vote to defer elections upon receiving a bullshit brief from the Minister assisting the Prime Minister.

    Then when the PM himself tells them to reconsider they flatly refuse as if their first decision was never prompted by a misleading brief from purportedly from the PM.

    Now they have convened the Electoral Commissioner’s appointment Committeee to find “irregularities” in Trawen’s appointment.

    Then they will sack the poor bastard.

    And defer elections to implement a Biometric system that will take about 24 months minimum to implement….. They’ll even get their stellar legal advisors to “legalise” everything.

    Alex Kerang May be Taffinay, if you could put yourself in ordinary people’s shoe about how they felt about PO/BN operations in the last 9 months to undermine the mama law-only then you would realise that something is not right.Its not about getting things right with legal interpretation of laws and theire applications, but its how the intepretation of laws meant to respecting and upholding the constitution.

    Mynnchii Kipefa To implement the Biometric ID system in 2009, were there any adequate funding available for implemetation? If so, how much and who sign the agreement for the Biometric ID system to be establish. Reveal everything legal eagle…

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr Mynchii – nothing ever happens at the “right” time – this govt has had only 9 months – so much has happened. The gossiped about potential removal of the EC should not defer elections per se – Trawen doesn’t physically conduct the polls – hundreds of officers do – and one would think Trawen would have made those plans months ago.

    Ask the somare regime if they provided enough funding to implement biometric rolls from 2006 to 2011 – I have no idea!!!!!!

    Sally Tadabe Just read the provisions. The obligation on the EC to implement to Biometric ID System is not a mandanotry one it is ‘optional’ by virtue of the use of the word ‘may.’ Its an option open to the EC should he wish to implement it. In no way is he legally bound to implement it at all.

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr Alex – the only institution that is acting contrary to the constituton is certain members of the supreme court who make orders purporting to bind parliament – no court in any westminster system of democracy has made such orders since the Bill of Rights of Parliament was proclaimed in 1688

    Francis Chibelle Alex, not every Papua New Guineans or ordinary people support your stance. 85% of the people live in the rural areas and couldn’t careless about what the towns and city folks are on about. They are not losing any sleep because they are feeding off the land.

    Susan Merrell The relevant words in Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr’s post started by the word ‘Mynchii are ‘per se’. Apart from it being a great New York restaurant, in this sentence it is also the ‘weasel phrase’ that enables the writer to seem like she’s telling us that the removal of the EC won’t affect the elections when, I suspect she knows it will. It makes everything she’s stated conditional.

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr No -one said it was mandatory Sally – but repeating – it was put in to solve the problems of the electoral rolls and sham elections . Trawen and John ushed this harfd – sold parliament on this – that it HAD to be done for the 2012 elections – and NOTHING. Why ? Caus it suits Somare et al to hav e bad rolls. It is as simnple as that.
    5 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

    Mynnchii Kipefa Tiffany, always a successor government follow up to makesure the implementation is carried out before the election year. Why not follow up the project?

    Jeffery Hasimani Funny, that Andrew Trawen had always maintain his statement that things are going well and election should proceed on time, when Parliament says otherwise. Then we had commander Agwi telling a forum on Tuesday that the army were well prepared to go into highlands come election, and a few days after we had Namah giving a preposterous explanation to claim the army is not prepared to go into the highlands….seems like the commissioner and the Commander can’t assess their own departments correctly..

    Nou Vada She does… BUt of course they want to remove him… Namah himself has said countless times that Trawen has failed PNG…

    Trawen is a Constitutional Officer and his removal is not easy… but as cunning as the pollies and their advisors are, they will find a way around it..

    Ms. Twivey knows. Tis the Gospel Truth

    Susan Merrell You know Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr, in the end you’re trying to defend the indefensible. You’re trying to bog everyone down in the minutiae and let the bigger principle go begging. You’re becoming this government’s fall guy. Don’t you see this?

    Nou Vada Oh but she will be the fall guy when the shit hits the fan for O’Namah…. These people she is advising will all say that they were innocent MPs led astray by an overseas lawyer hell bent on punishing Hartshorne J and the Somare Government for the Ramu Nico decision…. When the chips are down they’ll say she gave them negligent advice and they’ll pin everything on her. Its as real as it gets.

    Susan Merrell This is very evident, Nou. She’s such a large target and becoming larger with every posting. Were I you, Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr, I’d let them do their own dirty work.

    Alex Kerang Thanks Taffany for your clarification. In response to Francis, yes 85% rural PNGuineans do not support my view but whatever the laws and policies gov’t adopts will still affect them today or tomorrow. With the current situation, what if it something bad explodes, would these people be still affected or not. The underlying principle one must know is that government policies or laws still have trickling effect on both the literate and illiterate people in rural areas. So my view is personal but what I’m saying still affect rural people.

    Mynnchii Kipefa Tiffany, removing of the EC at this last hour of issuing writs will turn everything into turmoil. Your advise to your government will explain the tyranny that this nation is running into. We are faced with quagmires and do you ever feel for PNG while advising? You tell us according to your heartfelt and free will judgment, is Oniel Namah government better than others?

    Nou Vada Its not too late to walk away, Tiff…. PLEASE WALK AWAY.

    This Government is on its way out and you know it (otherwise why the Hell would they tell you to draft laws you yourself know are utterly ridiculous)

    If they do get arrested and tried, they will pin everything on you! You know it! They Will! Think about the kids… this is not worth it. Youre a good woman. Please just walk away.

    This country is already to the dogs…. There will be blood and fire before it returns to peace.

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr I disagree Susan. Completely. I have always been cause driven. I believe in these guys. They are genuine. In 9 months they have given free education, free Heath, repealed the Environment Act amendments, instigated sweep task force, tried to stop the undemocratic and unconstitutional power grab by certain members of the supreme court, sold the Falcon, and run a government that allows Ministers to make their own decisions – even when such decisions clash with the decisions of the PM (real Westminster democracy). They are being undermined by people with their own personal agendas.

    Alex Kerang Tiffany, I know the GG does not has power to disolve Parliament. He is only a ceremonial figure. What do you think, he should be accorded that power to deal with the current situation.

    Francis Chibelle Tiff, if you believe in something, stand firm, even if you stand alone! But you’re not alone!

    John Bana-Koiri People are already aware that previous elections went ahead despite the common role being 100%. If that is the case then how does the government expect the biometric ID system to work properly when the Electoral Commission can not even competently update the common role? Is there a reason why conducting a national census and updating the common role be done together??? May be some out there could help.

    Mynnchii Kipefa They have given unsustainable free education and free healthcare that is not working.. We still paying project and uniform plus outpatients and pharmaceutical fees..The worse government..

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr Alex – I believe in democracy – that is people being governed by themselves – through their elected representatives – not a figure head and not an appointed Judge. The Westminster system of democracy is not perfect – the power of the people is vested in the elected representatives – but in my opinion – for what it is worth – it is the best system we have, despite it’s faults. Parliament is and should be the only body that determines who the government and who the PM is – because parliamentarians are the representatives of the people. It is actually very simple and straight forward.

    Mynchii – it is a start. In aust there is free public education. In USA there is free public education. In the UK there is free public education. Most democracies regard free education for kids as a fundamental right. Yes I agree it is not quality education everywhere yet – but it is a start. Hopefully the parents of the kids will demand that standards improve – but we have to start somewhere.

    Kafu Peg hmm…so now Electoral commissioner vs parliamentarians, dogs, just don’t let this turn into a bloody civil unrest

    Susan Merrell Bewitched, bothered and bewildered. Contradictory statements Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr. You believe in democracy and this government that’s oxymoronic. And please…don’t attempt to convince me of they’re democratic – you’ll just cause me a brain aneurysm. Anyway, goodnight, but mark my words (and Nou’s) we’re seeing what you’re refusing to. There is none so blind…

    Alex Kerang But do we care about the separation of powers among the three arms of Goevernment (Legis, Judiciary and Executive). If one becomes supreme over the other two , what are the unwarranted implications on the principle of democracy.In other words, one becomes powerful, in this case, parliament and will dictates terms and condition on how judiciary operates..thus underming the freedom we speak about.

    John Bana-Koiri Absolute power corrupts as they say. Its good that we have free education and healthcare but how long will it last when the money earmarked for these new policies have yet to be released.

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr Alex – it is a couple of members of the judiciary that have made orders in December 2011 and now again in 2012 of the type that have NEVER EVER been made in any WEstminster system of democracy since the abandonment of the theory of the divine right of kings in 1688. When I say the judiciary I really mean only a couple of members of the supreme court. Never ever in any Westminster system of democracy has a court made orders which cover parliament or interfere with parliament or attempt to restrain a decision of parliament. It is fundamental to our system of democracy that they do not. the only threat to democracy in PNG is the actions of a couple of judges of the supreme court.

    It is the a couple of members of the judiciary that have trampled all over the separation of powers. Parliament has acted according to section 157 of the constitution. The ICJ has not severely criticized – they are watching – that is what they have said. They need the other side to be told to them – not just the devil dreamed up by pro Somare trolls and those driven by a personal agenda to discredit the government.

    Nathan Ponjel ‎Susan Merrell, I am not sure if the the current government has been so cruel to you but 90 percent of PNG who lives in the villages ( a poor father like mine) are so thankful for the current government. Comparing the past 9 year hardcore corrupt criminals, the present gangs have done something good for the people of Papua New Guinea. You dont have poor parents who suffer to pay school bills and you are foreign to the hardship the simple grassroots face. Its only ten people on this page who are hellbent on rubbishing the government while praising or keeping silent on the former. So people have started to question your motives!

    Alex Kerang Good debate, Tiffany. My last words is ‘free education and free health’ are unsustainble policies to retain. Unless you balance the equation with economic policies to generate revenue for these two social policies. Gut nait tru..Keep advsing but be mindful of the future implications on the 36 yrs old PNG-as one country,one people,one solwara and a united society under the sacred of its mama law (constituion).

    John Bana-Koiri Prolonging the National Elections will only prolong the argument of which government is the legitimate one. And meanwhile our people will continue to die of curable diseases for reasons that there were not enough doctors, drug shortages, no power or water source. Also the quality of education will have dropped because of over crowding in schools where there are not enough classrooms, textbooks, teachers and stationery. I’m not being negative but the foundations for these policies have not setup and this cart before the horse routine may just be an election gimmic. I have yet to see one of our MPs trust their lives to the doctors and nurses at the Port Moresby General Hospital. The late Sir William Skate stands out as one of the few who did.

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr The government is made up of a majority of duly elected representatives of the people. They were given the mandate of the people when they were voted into office. It is the foundation of democracy. FYI, PNG has NOT gone to the dogs. It is a vibrant, beautiful , ever changing, free and democratic country. I think it is the best place to live in the whole world. What on earth are you talking about ? There is peace !!! I am sick to death of spin doctors trying their best to destabilize PNG. The O’Neill/Namah govt has achieved so much in 9 months, the country is moving forward and landowners rights being assessed at last. I will NEVER walk away from PNG. It is my home and the home of my children – and we think it is the best.

    Susan Merrell Meaningless platitudes bordering on jingoistic.

    Nathan Ponjel A democratic government is rule by majority government and not select few. A 90 percent government tells us that PNG is 100% Democratic government. They represent the 90 percent populace of Papua New Guinea. If you dont know what is a democratic maybe go back to school or take some political science classes. Democracies is not for a judge to decide or for a judge to declare a leader of 20 MPs to be the PM of a country while the 90 percent is in the opposition. check yourself!

    Kenn Norae Mondiai Hi Tiff, you are my Iron Lady, we stood together side by side and beat Rimbunan Hijau (RH) and the PNG Govt (Forestry Board) in the National Courts of PNG over Kamula Doso and still we have 2 more cases in the National and Supreme Courts of PNG (Timber Permits Validation Act and the East Awin FMA). I have heard you say there is no other place in the world like PNG where it is safe and you will never leave PNG, it is the home off your kids…very true. But Iam very very confused about what the PO/BN Government is doing with making amendments to laws almost every Parliaments sitting since they got in on the 2nd of August 2011 and then trying to extend their term in office, as a non legal person who depends on Lawyers to provide legal briefing, Iam totaly confused. If Iam confused, what about all the people in the streets and rural villages in our country….maybe they understood legal matters better then me and also politics better…………I need an explanations why you have been advising Govt and drafting amendments and making changes, where will all this lead to ???????????…..I want that explanation watching the sunset on the blancony……maybe that sunset will never rise again if PO/BN have their way way with legal advise and support from you.

    Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr Susan – your last 4 posts are just made up of dismissive put downs with nothing to add to the debate. Be constructive and let go of whatever hurt ego you have. This is our lives and the lives of our children that are at risk here. You are motivated by revenge and revenge at all costs – you will never live in PNG and none of this will ever really effect your welfare so you can afford to be stirring the pot with no constructive goal in the process. I live in png and will for the rest of my life and stand by and will answer for anything I have actually done if I am ever called to account. My sole motivation has always been the welfare of PNG and it’s peoples. I do speak to members of the government on a regular basis and I am continuously encouraged and thrilled by their commitment to building a better PNG. I know they will never give up on their task. And neither will I.

    Dearest Ken – come and talk to me. Parliament’s main job is to make laws. The constitution gives Parliament unlimited law making power. Another name for Parliament is the Legislature (their sole job is to legislate). It is the courts who have created this mess by making orders that they did not have the power to do. It is actually only a couple of judges who are ignoring the constitution and actually re- writing provisions of it. Ken – this govt repealed the amendments to the Environment Act that were made by th esomare govt by suspending the standing orders and reading the amendments three times in the one session. Those amendments stripped customary landowners of rights. Literally billions of Kina worth of rights. And TQHIS govt has repealled these amendments.thisgovt is adopting a REAL climate change policy. This govt has issued a show cause on ramu nickel because of clear failures to comply with the environmental plans. Never forget – the vast majority of te e,excited representatives of the QPNG people wanted Somare out as he had conned the nation. He is out.

    Kenn Norae Mondiai OK TIFF tx…Parliament is empowered under the Constitution to makes laws ….ok advise Govt of PO/BN to make laws about ownership of OIL, GAS, CARBON….a formulae of 70-80% People, 10% Govt and 10% Service Providers or Management Companies….make new policies to support that new LAW…we cannot allow Australian, Chineses, American and Canadian companies in PNG making heaps and leaving peanuts………goodnight

  3. And as anticipated, the people will be conducting another strike today. Details are as follows:

    CONFIRMED. There will be a protest MARCH by NGO’s Civil Society Groups, TUC, other concerned Unions ( telecommunication, nurses, Teachers, PNG POWER, EDA RANU and etc) tomorrow to Parliament. The PNG Teachers Association has urged parents to NOT SEND their children to school tomorrow.

    Content of Petition BELOW:

    1. Parliament must repeal the Judicial Conduct Bill under no condition
    2. Elections must be held on time on the 18th of May.
    3. Parliament recind the amendments on Supreme Court Act
    4. Recind amendments on parliamentary privileges Act
    5. DEADLINE OF 4:06PM
    6. If these issues are not addressed, then they will SHUTDOWN POWER AND WATER

    PNG TEACHERS ASSOCIATION has asked for all parents NOT TO SEND THEIR CHILDREN TO SCHOOL and schools will be shut down.

  4. Today’s Protest demands seem to have been amended to the following as described by Cybele Druma on FB:

    “The Protest started today and will continue unless parliament responds favorably to the ultimatums which are:

    1.Repeal the Judicial Conduct Act
    2.Parliament to rise on Friday 27/4
    3.Move a motion on the floor of parliament to rescind the motion to defer elections for 6 months.

    If these demands are not met satisfactorily by Friday, the Unions will take over with the shutting down of services.”

  5. I dont have time to read through all your arguments and justifications whatsoever. I assume that something is really wrong and obviously not one can fix the mess. There are arguments from both sides trying tojustify all those lies. The truth is plain simple. The system in this country is CORRUPT from head to toe. You go on making justifications for your own sake. For the sake of our indigenous people, I say we call it a fail state and allow for all the international communities to intervene and assist.

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