PNG’s Youth Against Corruption writes their first blog post

I was pleasantly excited yesterday by the invitation from Arianne Kassman of the Youth Against Corruption Association (YACA) to assist them in their Media Smart workshop.

The workshop was conducted with about 30 or so students and set out to cover both electronic and print media. The outcomes of the workshop would be the students producing the following:

  • Monthly YACA Newsletter
  • Quarterly YACA Newspaper
  • YACA Blog (linked to the Transparency International PNG Website)
  • 30 second radio jingle about YACA
  • 30 second TV commercial about YACA

Today will be the mini graduation ceremony at the World Bank Information Center, Ground Floor, Deloitte Tower. Media people come along if you can to support these students.

My involvement was teaching them about what blogs were, their role in social media, the blogs interaction with other social media and tips on how to manage their blog. So a fairly informal type approach but I was really excited by the enthusiasm of the students and their eagerness with a multitude of questions.

Together I helped them setup their own blog and they all worked together to decide on the layout theme, banner image and writing their first blog post which you can read here.

A little background here on YACA. YACA was setup in 2002 by Fr. John Glynn at Jubilee Catholic Secondary School. Over the years it was introduced to other schools in the National Capital. It is essentially a membership based organisation that is run by youth who are committed to the fight against corruption in oneself and rejecting the attitudes that support corruption as well. YACA is supported by Transparency International.

Corruption is not new to PNG and the excitement shown by these students was very encouraging. I personally had hoped that it would be my generation that would change the political landscape of PNG, but with the way the current government is going, I may have to wait for people like these students to do that job. All we can do now is make it easier for them to come through as leaders in the years to come.

[For more information you can contact Arianne Kassman by email here or on 320 2188/320 2182]


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