Six provinces have received Digicel’s high speed internet services to date

Thursday, 19th April, 2012, Port Moresby PNG – Digicel, PNG’s leading mobile telecommunications company continues with the next phase of its 3G technology roll-out program and a total of 12 sites in six provinces have been upgraded and are on air since the end of last month.

The sites that have been upgraded to 3G technology are in Popondetta; in Lae-Mt. Lunaman, Nine Mile and Atzera Water Tank; in Madang– Council Nursery, the Traffic Office and Jomba; Post PNG in Wewak; White House Ok Tedi and the Tabubil Market in the Western Province as well as the AON Haus in Downtown, Port Moresby and Korobosea; both in the Nation’s Capital.

The upgrade on these sites now enables Digicel customers within the range of these sites to access Internet on their mobile phones at a faster rate using Digicel’s high speed 3G network.

With 3G access, people can now enjoy data transmission via wireless access in a speed leading up to 2Mbps; giving them a high degree of connectivity and networking. Downloading
latest songs, video clips and games will be much faster compared to older technologies, taking only a few minutes to complete download.

Digicel PNG CEO-John Mangos said; “Digicel’s 3G technology provides our customers with an option to enjoy a much faster internet service. We will continue to reach out to the areas within PNG to bring to people its latest 3G network which is the best and fastest internet service in the country. We aim to provide real value to our people in both rural and urban areas to ensure they keep up to date with the latest technology and we will continue to grow in this area which we believe will bring development and change to the people of this country.”

A total of 63 Digicel sites have been upgraded to 3G technology in six provinces nationwide and many others are scheduled to follow soon.


3 thoughts on “Six provinces have received Digicel’s high speed internet services to date

  1. This is good cos I’ve been struggling with accessibility and this faster service is timely…should really help with business.

    Can I also take this opportunity to to say that the rate and also coverage of access to ponography is escalating and reaching far into the lower grades of the education system. Am concerned about kids…as for adults, they have the mental capacity..hope so!

    I understand we can throw this back to the parents for parental roles however I would be glad to hear that Digicel and other teleco companies combine to combat this too.

    This filth if not combated, with inputs from all stakeholders, will go on corrupt the minds of the future leaders of this country. The mind is the engine that sets a man going, if it is conditioned to filth from an early age. Mind you the future is not promising..likey the saying goes Garbage In Garbage Out.

    I would think a forum be organised country-wide and this is dicussed openly. I am suggesting this because I actually know of kids, as young as 6 knowing their way around pono sites.

    Technology is good but lets harness it so that it works for our good and not against us. Lets protect our kid’s minds and thought-patterns. It’s never too late to start!

  2. This was a good expansion to Digicels. Remember before deciding to enter in any mobile broadband contract make sure that you compare it from one provider to another. Go for the contract that will give your money’s worth.

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