Debate on the Deferral of Elections @ UPNG

Pic by ACT Now PNG

UPNG students will be hosting a debate on the deferral of Elections at the Main Lecture Theatre at Waigani Campus on Friday 11th May 2012.

The debate will pose the hypothetical question as well as questions that have arisen from actual events in the last few weeks.

Two teams of Law students will debate on the legal/constitutional aspects of deferring Elections as well as the proposed biometric system of voting and the question of the competence of the Electoral Rolls.

Invitees: K20
Students with ID: K3
All Media Personell are free to attend

There will be a Q & A session after the debate.

While we are mindful of guarantees by the Electoral Commission and the Government that Elections will not be deferred, we are also aware that in the last few months, nothing is ever certain with politics in PNG, and we are also mindful that Parliament has not rescinded its decision to defer elections.

Fore more info contact: 73706210 or 72335260

In attendance will be politicians, political party representatives, NGOs and other stakeholders

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