Wednesday 6 June 2012 – Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea: In light of the failed Central City development at Bautama estate along the Central province’s Magi Highway, PNG Party’s candidate for Central Provincial in the 2012 National Election Simon Naua wants the Central Provincial Government to explain its latest initiative – the Central Province Master Plan.

Mr. Naua says:

“The Central Province Special Projects Committee of the Central Provincial Government in a newspaper advertorial made a public request for proposals into the provision of master planning consultancy services. When a request for proposals closed on 31 January 2012, bids that were received on time would have covered scope of works such as: (i) master planning services; (ii) revision of current town plans and urban development plans; (iii) revision of existing road infrastructure and plans for new roads and highways to be constructed; (iv) development of costs estimates; and (v) other services. The master planning consultancy services project was scheduled to be completed in 12 months from inception to completion.”

Mr. Naua says:

“Bidders were asked to lodge their proposals to the Office of the Chairman of the Central Province Special Projects Committee located at the Governor’s Office at the Central Provincial headquarters at Konedobu National Capital District. But over 4 months have passed since the deadline for bids. The people of Central Province deserve an explanation before they go to the polls.”

Mr. Naua says:

“The questions for the Central Provincial Government’s Strategic Development and Financing Advisor, and the Central Governor are:

(i)                   Where is the Central Provincial Government now with the Central Province Master Plan?

(ii)                 Why was the request for proposals timed just months away from the issue of writs for the 2012 National Election?

(iii)                What has the Central Provincial Government achieved to bring the people of Central closer to realizing their own provincial capital?”

Mr. Naua says it is unacceptable that the Central Provincial Government and other stakeholders continue to deprive Central people of a provincial capital.


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