Saturday 9 June 2012 – Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea: Motu Koita Assembly Chairman Miria Ikupu took leave of absence and nominated to contest in the 2012 National Election as the People’s Democratic Movement candidate for the Moresby North West seat for nine reasons.

  • REASON 1: The Motu Koita people in NCD do not have a voice in the National Parliament.
  • REASON 2: The Motu Koita Assembly has not achieved financial and fiscal self-reliance since its establishment by Parliament under the Motu Koita Assembly Act, 2007.  The Assembly is underfunded.
  • REASON 3: The Assembly’s financial position has not improved. Since this Assembly came into office in July 2008, every possible effort has been made in order to acquire funding or to raise current funding levels, including, legal action against NCDC over the interpretation of section 38 (d) of the Motu Koita Assembly Act 2007 and section 33 of the National Capital District Commission Act 2001 (Amended)
  • REASON 4: Allegations that NCD Governor Powes Parkop and Moresby North West MP Sir Mekere Morauta have been collaborating to stop the Government from paying the Assembly’s outstanding K50million GST dues dating back to 2007.
  • REASON 5: Because of politics, Motu Koita Assembly cannot access land taxes, airport taxes and harbour taxes.
  • REASON 6: The Chairman must fight for the Motu Koita people’s rights to get all outstanding monies belonging to the Motu Koita people and the Assembly.
  •  REASON 7: To become a National representative at the Parliament, enabling him to access direct budgetary allocation for the Assembly from the National Government.
  •  REASON 8: To propose amendments to relevant legislation for the purpose of increasing budgetary funding for the Assembly which has been ignored because our Motu Koita people do not have representation in the National Parliament, let alone the National Executive Council.
  • REASON 9: The Motu Koita people have been marginalized on their land.

Section 11 subsection (1) of the Motu Koita Assembly Standing Orders states that. “Half of the total number of Assembly Members constitutes a quorum”. The total number of assembly members currently stands at 17; inclusive of the Assembly Chairman. Therefore, the quorum is 9 members.

On 18 May 2012, nine assembly members met with the Assembly Chairman for its fourth meeting of the year at the Motu Koita Assembly Conference Room to consider and deliberate on a single agenda: “Chairman, Hon Miria Ikupu, to seek leave of absence from the Motu Koita Assembly to run in the 2012 General Elections to contest the Moresby North West Seat.”

After deliberating for an hour, the meeting passed four resolutions. The two relevant resolutions are:

  • that the Motu Koita Assembly grant Chairman, Hon Miria Ikupu, leave of absence to run in the 2012 General Elections to contest the Moresby North West Open Seat commencing 4pm, Friday 18th May 2012, for the next five (5) weeks covering the election campaign period; and
  • that Chairman should not resign and contest the Moresby North West Open Seat.


*Disclaimer: Oala Moi is an aspiring Papua New Guinea writer from Boera village in the Hiri District of Central Province. Oala Moi is NOT a financial member of People’s Democratic Movement. Oala Moi is NOT a Motu Koita Assembly member or voter. Oala Moi is NOT a staff member or paid agent of the Motu Koita Assembly or its Chairman. Oala Moi is NOT a member of Chairman Miria Ikupu’s campaign team. This article is an attempt to present historical facts.



  1. He has 2 b da most greediest , most unethical Motu Koitabuan on the scene. Shame on him! All those votes will hav bin wastd, bcos he failed 2 do da rite thng by da law

  2. Koikoi Tauna: my quest is: what is the law? Instead of perpetuating ignorance, I want to know what is the law? If the legal question is ‘Is it illegal for a holder of public office to nominate and run for public office?’ then I want to think that citizens are allowed to do that. Proponents have been referring me to the Wai Rapa case, and the Peter Ipatas case, as cases in point.

    I have to admit that the Miria Ikupu case is unique as he may be the first MKA Chairman to do so. If anything, a court ruling will either adopt the law as it is, or make a new ruling on the question.

    If the legal question is one of ‘breaches of the Leadership Code’, then it is the prerogative of a leadership tribunal to make the ruling as it finds it.

    To play judge and jury is mischevious, and a misuse of this forum.

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