Bougainville: The Electoral Roll of Papua New Guinea (2007-?)


14 thoughts on “Bougainville: The Electoral Roll of Papua New Guinea (2007-?)

    1. Well, do you have Hela and Jiwaka with this lot? That could be a good indicator as to whether or not the Electoral Rolls are the old ones from 2007 or the updated 2012 version.

  1. Can you let us know if this is the updated roll? I just had a good look at the South Bougainville (Bana- Lato) roll and can say that the names from Wakoia village are not correct. The common roll update in Bana was done in October 2011 so I hope this isn’t the roll that will be used.

  2. I have no idea what version this is, I asked for the Common Roll and this is what I got, so I don’t know what they have been doing these last 5 years???

  3. Thanks anyway Manu-it’s a start. We’ll wait and see what happens when voting gets underway.

    p.s thanks also for the NCD roll. Nem stap, just a pity that there isn’t any system in place for PNG citizens overseas to vote.
    Gutpla wikend lo yu na femli.

  4. Thanks bro Emmanuel. Please send me a copy of East Sepik Province Electrol Common Roll. It is now very important. I need a copy to verify so as to decide necessary causes of action. I sense something not right and this must be immediately investigated and made public for the sake of our people.

    1. What’s your email address? Although I’ll have to send only by electorate. The files are way too large and too many to send all of them in one go

  5. Manu, I’m happy to update that all the eligible voters lo ples voted today. Their names were on the updated Bana -Lato roll.

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