National Capital District: The Electoral Roll of Papua New Guinea (2007-?)

National Capital District


16 thoughts on “National Capital District: The Electoral Roll of Papua New Guinea (2007-?)

  1. We need to know if there is an updated common roll for this year’s election. We have been searching the website and we can only see the 2007 common roll. We need to know to be part of the important decision for this country. thanks EKA

    1. The polling yesterday in NCD was a disaster. Many names were not on the common roll. Some names were underaged. It is the same all over the country. In Waipu Village, Wabag, a village of 600 people, there are only 200 names. We rushed into conducting this election (2012) without properly updating the common roll. The PNGEC has failed the people of PNG to exercise our democratic right. The electoral commissioner should reign ASAP.

  2. How is it that my whole household have thier names on the common roll and my husband and I can’t locate our names when we all have been living in the same house in the last 12 years??

    On another note my father and brother’s name appear twice in thier area.

    Is there any latest common roll? I have been calling electoral commision and the phone keeps ringing out and I am getting frustrated because I am soo looking forward to casting my vote come tomorrow.

    Looks like I may just have line up at the booths to and hope that I find my name enlisted.

    Any possibility of uploading the central common roll. Might have to check there too.

  3. Have not been registered when I filled in a pink card last year & it was for the census team, after they visited the Ladies hostel that I was previously residing in, obviously the whole hostel was not accounted for..which means I have to be at work till 5pm, personally unfair for me that I don’t have the opportunity to cast my vote today at.

    1. Blame the electoral commissioner. He has not given the proper advise to government to delay the election for the common roll to be updated. It is a mammoth exercise to conduct elections, the PNGEC had to get it right to give everybody a chance because it comes only every 5 years. I am really frustrated that a lot of people missed out. What a shame!

  4. The polling at MoresbyNorthWest, Gerehu in particular have been cancelled due to the Polling workers not receing their allowance, they could not allow voting to commence. We are advised they close at 12pm, and resume tomorrow. Someone please explain.

  5. Can you plis check my name in the common roll at other parts of Hanuabada because at Elevala where I’m suppose to vote theres nothing. My name is Rakatani Guambo.

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