The PNG 2012 Election Polling Information & Common Roll

Throughout the last several months of Constitutional gymnastics by our able bodied politicians, the only thread of hope we could hang on to was the fact that the National Elections was on its way. So ultimately, I figured (like most obviously have), that the only way to exercise some power in all of this gymnastical mess will be to exercise the power of your vote.

So as you would do, I tried calling the Electoral Commission and no one could help me. I went across in person and was given some contact information, which I shared online, but none of the numbers worked or no one was picking up.

Frustrated I asked “someone” and was able to retrieve the Common Roll for the entire country just so I could see if my name was on there. It appears that  I am not there, despite having voted in the past. Even my cousin Vergil has been listed twice in two electorates in Port Moresby and he doesn’t live in Moresby North East where I live. So the EC’s not giving me many options.

Anyway, some key information here:

Below are links to the Common Roll (from 2007 I assume) so you can check for yourself. Its a long process, so bear with me as I upload the whole country:


19 thoughts on “The PNG 2012 Election Polling Information & Common Roll

  1. Despite repeated assurances that the common roll is in good order, the evidence proves otherwise. Polling is happening this week and if the trial NCD Common Rolls which were released online are anything to go by, PNG is in for one hell of a ride in terms of voting.

    There are obvious duplication of names in some instances – it makes you wonder how they weren’t picked up by the PNGEC.

    In fact, the simple fact that it is next to impossible to get in touch with relevant Election Managers from the PNGEC regarding omission of names on the electoral roll is flabbergasting, and begs the question as to what exactly has the PNGEC been doing for the past 5 years?

    It’s time to address PNG’s ‘late bus’ attitude to elections:

  2. Hi, I need the copy of country’s common roll, how do I contact you to get a copy?

    1. I am looking for common roll for Bogia District. How can I access the information on the names on the common for 2017 Election?

  3. Thanks for the link bro. I shall consider and make a proposal for resolution at WA Security Council for their vote. If circumstances permits, then we just have to stop this whole election process and allow time for proper update of all citizen records. Every citizen finger print must be taken with photographs and records must be updated and submitted for verification. There is a lot of injustice caused by politics in PNG.

  4. There seems to be no investigation of stories by our journalists, simply sensational reports from citizens which may or may not be true.

    For example, the 27 June Courier article Voters Miss Out Debate on Electoral Roll Re-surfaces has an emotive photo titled Where’s our names:.Daday Ving with relatives were not happy (as) their names were not on the roll. Surely the Courier can afford to buy a copy of the Rolls. Its reporter could then see that Mrs Ving is on the 2012 Roll at the same place she was in 2007 – Ward 11 Gerehu Stage 2. So only Willie Babaga could vote. What about the 28 other Babagas – Clera, Leslie and Olive in Ward 2, or Alex, Bonita Rai and Wisser in Ward 3 etc. Not enough Babagas on NCD Rolls – try Gabagaba, Kwikila etc!

    The reports about John Momis or Bart Philomens daughters not being on the Roll may or may not be true. If they aren’t, they probably weren’t on the 2007 Roll. If so, whose fault is this.

    The 27 June National article ESP candidate angered over omission of voter’s names at points to some of the answer. The District returning officer (RO) said as the officer responsible for election in the district, “he only facilitated the enrolment process but did not add or remove names from the rolls. He said the ward rolls were done by two persons from each ward under the supervision of councillors. They went through the objection period after the first printing and later finalised in Port Moresby before being sent back to the districts.”

    Provincial Steering Committees are generally responsible for recommending the appointment of ROs, – they are on the ground and have better insight than the very small PNGEC with only an Election Manager based in the Province. ROs in turn hire and train teams led by Ward Councillors that are responsible for updating the Rolls. As elected officials, Councillors are not independent and should not be selected for this role in the first place. The team’s updates go back to the PNGEC to be processed and it can only process what is in the updates.

    So if anyone wants to complain about not being on the Common Roll, they should find out who did the update in their area. BUT before they do this, they should ask the person who is ultimately responsible for enrolment – THEMSELVES. Voting is compulsory and it is every person’s own responsibility to enrol to vote. For the over 60% of literate citizens in PNG, did they complete and sign an enrolment form?? Did they check that their names were on the Roll when the Preliminary Rolls went on display? Or do they just expect this to be done magically for them.

    Let’s stop creating mischief by blaming the PNGEC and the Electoral Commissioner. The system may have problems, but let’s look at our own actions and those of our media, who have an even greater responsibility to report the truth and not wrongly undermine such a critical event as our national election by not checking the facts.
    Cries that the election should have been delayed to get the Rolls properly updated just continue a flawed system and laziness and mischief of some of our citizens.

    Citizen – keeping watch in NZ

  5. Hi Emmanuel, you have provide some vital information, thanks. I am looking for an update of common roll for Wards 4 – 8 in Gumine District, Simbu Province. How do I access this information, any help would be really appreciated.



  6. Hi, please give a copy of the latest edition of the common roll for Lae Open Electorate or Morobe in overall.


  7. My name had once appeared in the roll but going through the roll, I noted that many names have been missing but ghosts names appeared to be in the roll.

    Can I please have the updated roll for namatanai open.

  8. Please can you send me the updated common roll for the following years 2012 & 2017 for Okapa Open ELECTORATE..I need it urgently before common roll update resume.

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