One Day Left to Call the PNG Party Hotline!

ABC reporter Liam Fox captured this above  image this afternoon. Peter O’Neill and his People’s National Congress (PNC) party have finally been invited by the Governor General to form Government at this Friday’s first Parliamentary Sitting. PNC brings in tow several other political party allies and it is evident that the “Alotau Camp” is in good spirits, despite grumblings against the GG’s invite, due to 5 writs still outstanding in 3 Provinces.

However for an MP who, if everything goes well, will have been re-elected and sworn in 4 times in less than 24 months,  O’Neill may not want to waste any time. Especially considering his smile is certainly larger than what he was sporting the last time around at Government House.

But while O’Neill and company add the finishing touches to their campaign to form Government, the other political parties and independents are still organising in the shadows. All Thursday and throughout Thursday night will no doubt be a hectic period for the others as they race to pull numbers together to challenge the ‘Alotau Camp’ . Leaving no stone unturned, Beldan Namah has taken out a one page advertisement in the newspapers to provide a PNG Party Hotline in case anyone decides to change their mind.

The clock is ticking but I’m too scared to even imagine that it’s done and dusted yet.

3 thoughts on “One Day Left to Call the PNG Party Hotline!

  1. I agree, just when you dare to think that it’s done and dusted … something ALWAYS happens. It’s not riveting in a good way, it’s anxiety taken to a whole other level.

  2. PNG politics will always be PNG politics. On the bright side, PNG Party and Belden Namah have really transformed the way politics is being played in PNG – with creative and more elector-friendly strategies, including social media, technology and now – a Hotline! Rgds, Tavurvur.

    1. OK…here we go to another direction that we really admired for the past 9month,,it dosent seen so when after the election, why is that? Hidden aspipration of individuals MPs degreed the great motivation of Aug,21st which we PNG really love the course of the actions which oppositely when down to ashes by the unvisionary leader Mr PETER, who promted to be shaperd of Grand Chief Somera to care for the sheeps when getting medical treatment overseas and now they are abiding to him…

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