Sir J, is the big winner…!

By Abu Nawas

I am peering into my crystal ball, but my eyes are dim, and I cannot see clearly, but really, I am so desperate to see the future, I am frantically chewing the Mekeo buai two at time, stuffing everything into my mouth, you know buai, daka, kambang and all, like the Wabag lady, the buai vendor next to me, searching desperately for the buai kick, to trigger the adrenalin and other scientific chemicals in my brain to help open my eyes, in order for me to look clearly and consult my crystall ball of what might be in store in 18 months down the tract.

It is absolutely a no brainer, absolutely no brainer at all, to say that if I was Peter O’niell I would have given the Chair of the Speaker of Parliament to a PNC men, rather than a PPP men. If I was Peter O’niell, I would not have done that, and you know what, the GC Sir MTS certainly did not do that, on two occasion mind you. First In 2002 when NA was invited to form the Government, they gave it that famous musketeer from Sinasina-Yomugul, and again they gave to him 2007 and guess what they stiffled the Vote of No Confidence motions and NA lasted 9 years….Peter O’Neill my man, you should have taken a leaf out of the Grand Chiefs books. Silly bugger.

When that man from Sinasina Yomugul, switched allegiance, and decided to be a monkey, the Goverment change on 2nd August 2011.  Could not Peter O’niell  see that for himself? I mean surely, you dont need to be a rocket scientist to work that out? Shit, Peter O’niell, what on earth were you thinking, by giving the Speakers job to a PPP man. You have just exposed the ace up yoour sleeve and reduced your power of bargaining to absolutely nothing. Sorry, too bad, I think you lost already.

Ok, you facebook dwellers and finger jabbing keyboard warriors, and blackberry mastubators listen up, and listen good. Grab a pen, and write on your Wall Calenders, and Desktop ones, and reminders and whatever else. Mark down today, and write, “Abu Nawas of the HLM fame predicted that in 18 months time there will a vote of no confidence instigated by PPP”…..needless to say, I think you know what I am talking about, you do your own analytical assumptions and see for yourself.

In the meantime call by at HLM, the buais are fresh of the truck, from Mekeos, the daka’s are fresh and coral lime from East New Britain…..hotstuff, mouthwatering, and delicous…come on over to HLM, or btw if you dont see, I will be at Murray Barracks with my neighbour the Rugby Union coach, becasue the finals time….

That piece of gossip is fresh for you straight form the Mauswara Centre of the world, the one and only HLM (Hohola Lareva market) and I remain your scribe, Abu Nawas the whisperer…..he he he he

Abu Nawas Whispers


3 thoughts on “Sir J, is the big winner…!

  1. No doubt there may be a vote of no confidence in 18 months but to think that O’Neil is stupid in his choice of speaker is naive. There is more to politics than party lines. He supported the current speaker for a reason. If it was another PPP candidate for the speaker, I do not think O’Neil would have supported it.

  2. yes indeed bold prediction. But dont count off the very sly old dogs in Wingti and GC. These 2 or their party linkage is seen as far off the initial schemes of coaliation trade offs and the picture that is now been presented. But they would pull and tug in their strive for the more power and the ultimate control of PM chair and government.

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