Indigenous Media, Empowering Voices and the Launch of Stella Magazine


Yesterday was the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples and the theme for 2012 was “Indigenous Media, Empowering Voices“. So it was timely as PNG UN Resident Co-ordinator David MacLachlan-Karr pointed out, that Stella Magazine was being launched in the midst of 3 females being voted into PNG’s 9th Parliament. Media plays a hugely important role in shaping peoples mindsets and challenging stereotypes and Stella is here to do exactly that and more by also celebrating who we are as Melanesians in the world.

As stated in Keith Jackson’s Blog, “The magazine was founded to provide a creative outlet for contemporary writers, poets, artists, illustrators, and photographers in the region. Stella is a celebration of the unique Pacific lifestyle, covering Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia. The publisher, Pacific Pencil, says Stella will offer readers a blend of short and long features that together form a collection of insights of what Pacific women are achieving across the region.”

Yet aside from this being another big step forward for indigenous media in PNG, (to be able to tell our own stories in our own way), I’m equally proud of the publisher Amanda Donigi for putting her mind to a dream and seeing it through with her amazing team beside her. Her idea of the magazine started about a year ago when she was working for a publishing and printing company based in Port Moresby. The concept for a fresh approach to a women’s magazine to cover issues, arts, culture and more was presented to her former employer but thankfully for us, her idea was swiftly knocked back. Instead of accepting the decision and continuing to work for that company, she soon after resigned and sat down to building her own magazine from the ground up.

It is only the first issue and Amanda’s ‘Pacific Pencil’ company has many more issues to inform and entertain us with, but its a bold and courageous start. The attention to detail, modern design and the inclusion of high quality photography from Robert Weber makes this first  issue a very strong statement about the high levels PNG media could be at and should be at.

Stella is now here and will continue with it’s bi monthly publishing of stories, but only one story inspires me today. The fact that you can do anything in PNG no matter what people say to you. Awesome Work Amanda!

Stella is now available at the UPNG Bookshop, Theodist Waigani, Star News Link Vision City, Holiday Inn Waigani, Trophy Haus Boroko, and K-Mart Kimbe West New Britain for K9.95. For International Subscriptions Inbox Stella on their facebook page:

3 thoughts on “Indigenous Media, Empowering Voices and the Launch of Stella Magazine

  1. Great news. Media can play a role in recognizing, promoting and enhancing the role of women in our public spheres. It’s a brave step in a good direction. I wish Amanda and her team the best of luck – and congratulate you on your vision and drive. It’s not easy.

    On that note Manu – I’m still waiting for a female PNG Blogger to establish herself online! Been waiting, but nothings popped up yet. Come on girls – we want to read what you have to say to about PNG. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  2. I heard whispers of a New Women’s Magazine late last year. I’m so pleased that Amanda has followed her heart and made her dream a reality. Full support to Pacific Pencil and Stella!

  3. Stella is a statement in itself to the many beautiful things things that can happen in PNG if dreamers believe and work for it. Bravo Amanda

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