Having Dinner with Nambawan Pikinini bilong Misis Kwin na Namba Two Misis Bilong Charles

The picture above was a curious outcome from a billboard at a round-a-bout in Port Moresby. The billboard was previously used for an environmental message, however someone saw it fit to retain the key message here. So I guess we can all say that since the Prince of Wales came to visit us, we should all be reminded to ‘Enjoy Our Democracy and not to Destroy It’. Especially considering the political gymnastics of O’Neill, Somare and Ogio who funnily enough all sat together at the head table at last nights State Dinner for the Highnesses at Port Moresby’s Crowne Plaza.

My missus and I were lucky enough to attend and it was a great opportunity to the see the future King of England up close. This is my second Royal to see live and personal, the first being Princess Anne in 2010. But unlike my meet and greet with Princess Anne we were not able to meet Charles and Camilla personally or shake hands or even chat with them which I found very disappointing.

Basically they came in, sat at the head table and we all sat around and gawked at them throughout the speeches and medal presentations.  Which brings me to the point that the Government really let the public down with the preparations for this visit. Sure we have some nice spanking new roads, but they could have had a full page colour newspaper pull out with a schedule of their activities. They could have given us UK and PNG flags to wave on their way to Boera etc. Even at the dinner all us guests could have waited in the bar and then as we entered we could have shook hands with the Highnesses and had an official photographer take our pictures. And considering we are supposed to be celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of our Queen. Why not have some big firework displays and a big jubilee Cake? Why don’t they ever think of things like that??

Anyway I’ll stop ranting so as not to ruin the moment.

Prince Charles spoke later that night, highlighting that his first trip here was almost 50 years ago and that he returned in 1984 for the Opening of our Parliament House so he was not a total stranger to PNG, although he was pleased to be able to introduce his wife Camilla to PNG. He added that the Commonwealth relationship had a unique and special role in the world and much has and can still be gained from those strong relationships in its various forms in the Commonwealth.

But what I took away from it was a little awe and reflection that this man, Charles Philip Arthur George and his family, because of their decisions over the last hundred years or so, have directly carved the paths in which our lives now flow.

Hepi Diamond Jubilee Misis Kwin, Bon Voyage Your Hignesses and remember PNG, ‘Enjoy It, Don’t Destroy It’


3 thoughts on “Having Dinner with Nambawan Pikinini bilong Misis Kwin na Namba Two Misis Bilong Charles

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you on your opening comments. It is a real circus and when the Royals come to town, the state wants to act as if they have all their marbles in the same bag!! I really wish a proper permanent solution for organising for special visitations and events by the government and the state could be setup and allowed to actively prepare and execute whatever they need to do when it happens rather that the last minute scrambling! Its ironic that over the last 37 years we never see the swiftness of infrastructural restoration and upkeep on roads and other various elements in and around the city in the space of days at the pace and standard than at any other time in our history!! Kind of sad really when one thinks about it….Will it ever change? one can only dream.

  2. Jeez, people really need to use their heads when doing stuff like this. I thought they were still going to change this before their arrival. I wonder if the Prince or Lady Camilia saw it. I’m sure they would have found it to be amusing for the Queen to be placed under that message. Oops! Looks like the international media have it now.

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