Our Superwoman, Toea Wisil, Wows at the IAAF Melbourne Track Classic

Hot off the tracks from her Olympic Qualifier in London last year, Toea Wisil doesn’t seem to be letting up. The National Newspaper reported the following:

Toea Wisil is the talk of Australian athletics after wowing the IAAF Melbourne Track Classic last weekend. Wisil blitzed the field in the 100m and 200m with a display of world class sprinting.  She showed why she is the national regional champion, with only unfavourable wind conditions preventing her from breaking national records in both events.

In the 100m, Wisil clocked 11.41 seconds to win clearly from Ashleigh Whittaker (11.72s).  That run was into a headwind of 0.7 metres per second. With a slight following wind, Toea would almost certainly have run faster than Mae Koimes 11.37s national record, a delighted Athletics PNG president Tony Green said.

Wisil ran 11.27s in the London Oly­mpic Games but a following wind of 2.2 metre per send was slightly over the maximum of 2.0 allowed for the time to be recognised as a record.

But the best was yet to come from Wisil and when she lined-up for the 200m no one could have forecast what was to come as the national track queen clocked in 23.09s. She easily ran away from the field but the wind was agonisingly just over the limit at 2.1.

Wisil will now have to wait for another day for the record books to reflect her true status as the country’s best ever sprinter. “National record or not this was an awesome performance,” Green.pictured, said.

“Second place was Monica Brennan in 23.79s which gives some indication of what a dominating performance this was.  “Australia’s top sprinter Melissa Breen may have been out injured but that takes nothing away from Toea’s fantastic performance.  “This was the biggest meet on the Australian calendar with significant prize money and Toea was dominant.”

Wisil now heads into the Australian National Championships in Sydney this weekend full of confidence and hoping for good conditions  so she can show why she is the best in the region.

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