Performance, Interviews, Pictures from Sing Sing at the Sydney Opera House

I have to say that I’m always happy to be boastful of our international PNG musicians George Telek and Airi Ingram and in some ways I feel like David Bridie also is already a PNG citizen. David and Telek continued with their long running Pasifika collaboration, which again I’m proud to say runs under the PNG term of ‘Wantok: Sing Sing‘. They returned to the Sydney Opera House this year, (their last performance there being way back in 2006.)

If only we had some sponsors in PNG to bring these performances back to PNG so we can enjoy their interpretations of our culture and also to give us a taste of the other cultural infused performances from Indigenous Australia, Polynesia, West Papua and Timor Leste to name a few. Maybe next year perhaps for Australia Week?

OPera House 3 OPera House 1 OPera House 2

(Photographs by Airi Ingram)

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