Campaign Handbook: A Guide for Female Candidates in the 2013 PNG LLG Elections


Last year I participated at a ODW/UNDP National Consultation Workshop for women in politics. I gave a talk on using social media in their campaigning and so I’m pleased to learn that one of the strategies that ODW agreed CDI should work on after that workshop was to develop  a Campaign Handbook for women wanting to contest the LLG elections this year.  The Handbook includes information about what is involved in being an LLG Councillor or President, the rules for LLG elections and a detailed section on planning a campaign.

The handbook is available in hard copy or on CD in English and in Tok Pisin. Copies of the Handbook have been sent to every provincial administration, district office and LLG area.  It can also be downloaded here, here, or here.

How to obtain a copy of the Campaign Handbook

Intending women candidates can obtain their copy of the Handbook in several ways:

  • Pick up a copy from your Provincial Administration, District Office or LLG administration.
  • Collect a copy from the Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen (SPSN) head office in Port Moresby or from the SPSN regional offices in Mt Hagen, Lae, and Kokopo.
  • Contact the Office for the Development of Women on 7064 0560 or 7064 0562.  ODW staff can arrange for a copy to be sent to you, or provide you with details of the nearest collection point.

You can also get an electronic copy from one of the following websites:


3 thoughts on “Campaign Handbook: A Guide for Female Candidates in the 2013 PNG LLG Elections

  1. Hey,thanks for that,and I hope it would be a good helpful information for all women whether for general reading(knowledge) for self awareness or for aspiring candidates.

  2. Good job, that’s the kind of awareness we need to encourage more women participation in PNG politics. Can’t wait to go through the Handbook.

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