Social Responsibilities and Social Media in Papua New Guinea, writes Rachel Shisei

An interesting discussion here on PNG journalist Rachel Shisei and her approach to linking social media with mainstream media and hopefully getting results from it.

Thadreina Abady

This next article is a response to my previous posts about legal implications of social media particularly in a workplace environment. This author who is  a young journalist and like everyone else is also enthusiatic about the developments of social media worldwide. Below is her response to some of her own experiences of the legal implications while working as a journalist or media personnel in Papua New Guinea.

A short bio of the Guest Author – Rachel Shisei (Ms), is from the East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea. She is a journalist by Profession with an experience of 5 years.  Rachel is privileged to be given the opportunity to write about social media, how effective has been in her career. She also shares her own views on the legal implications whilst working as a journalist and her roles and responsibilities of uterlising social media platforms. Below is her story


Having been with a Non-Profit Organization based in the…

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