Happy Covenant Day PNG and May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favour


So today is ‘Covenant Day’ in PNG. What’s it all about? Well most Papua New Guineans like myself have no clue, Seems like it was even called ‘Repentance Day‘ at one stage in 2011. So for the most of us its just an extra day to sleep in really.

But if you must know, let me tell you a short story. A short time ago in 2007 ‘A New Covenant’ was entered into by the Prime Minister of the day. It was a short quick covenant between the God of Israel, the Son and the Holy Spirit and the People pf Papua New Guinea. The End.

And that’s where we stand today. Now there have been complaints about its practicality and meaning and of late even the latest Government has chosen to continue running with this torch. In the spirit of the day of the ‘Covenant’ the latest Government in 2012 apologised to the people of Papua New Guinea for their actions during the Constitutional Crisis and officially asked for forgiveness. Doesn’t seem to have slowed down their penchant for law changing. And ‘fasting and praying’? Really??

In the land of the unexpected, where the physical and metaphysical have blurred the only thing you can relay on is increasing the odds in your favour to find some sanity in this country.


2 thoughts on “Happy Covenant Day PNG and May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favour

  1. I together with other practicing and faithful Papua New Guineans on this day do agree with the then Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea in declaring this day a Covenant Day for the Nation of Papua New Guinea.God is a sovereign God and will come good in His own time for the people of PNG.
    He knows the nations of the world like no others and He will bring to bear what He has predestination for our country.Nations have come(on the stages of the world)and gone,they are history and yet God is still there for any nation of the world to come and recognize Him for who and what He is.We as a nation rightfully made this Covenant but that does not mean all will go well in the governance of this beautiful country call PNG.So long as we are here on planet earth we human beings and anything else that we as humans do will not go the way God would like.And the covenant is also asking Gods forgiveness for not doing what is right and good(good and proper) for all PNGeans(by the various governments that has come and gone),and PM then did what was right,actually it should have been done the day PNG gained Independence but nonetheless it has been done and God is a God of covenants(the bible is full of covenants between human beings and Him) and He will come good in His own time for Papua New Guinea.God is still in control..Nations rise and nations fall PNG will rise…

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