Prime Minister Peter O’Neill Rubbishes Social Media. Post Courier (The Drum), Friday 22nd November 2013

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SOCIAL MEDIA: The Prime Minister last night took a swipe at PNG’s social media, telling guests at a Christmas party he hosted in Parliament that they shouldn’t pay too much attention to the growing medium. “I can assure you that political stability is there (in PNG), don’t listen to social media and all the rubbish that goes on with it,” he said.

NUMBERS GAME: Interesting comments in light of the fact his colleagues in the Opposition have opted to go with social media. Digicel in September reportedly said an estimated 1.5 million Papua New Guineans have phones that can connect to the internet. Now that’s a lot of potential followers at the disposal of those smart enough to harness the potential [and power] of social media.

Comments on Facebook Groups & Walls
Pitau Karup: Clearly Peter O’Neil is seriousely affected by the this medium and has nothing to say coming up with this baby-sense talking. PO, you must be in the wonder land to think that all is well and the country in ur care is stable, mate, looks like its you, your wives and your children are stable at the expense of taxpayers like me, not the nation. Well let me announce to you peter oneil that your days are counting down pretty quick coz ur governmnt has already started cracking without you realising….

Adriana Lames Schmidt: Freedom of speech in all its forms of media! that includes social media! what the hell is pm fussing about! The social media has great potential to make big changes! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

John Pora: Social Media is a 2 way street that connects people, we have had a one way street of ‘being told’ what to believe for many years, now we have a platform to tell Politicians the reality that we hear them but we see them too, you cannot hide with titles or positions of power given to you to serve the people.

Power to the people, the families who take a stand now to say ‘we expect more’ from Honorable people.

Together let’s use Social Media for good, the people put Leaders there, the people can take them out. Give Social Media some powerful positive energy and light so that the wolves in sheep’s cloth can no longer hide their true intentions. Let the fun begin

Vincent Moses: Papua New Guineans have always wanted to have a say in the manner their elected or mandated representatives run their country but we have not had the means prior to the introduction of social media. With Social media, the avenue or the means is now available and it will catch on and spread like wild fire. No matter what Peter O’Neill and his band of thieves want to do to stop it, they will not succeed. We all now have a platform, a means and an avenue. Utilise it to the fullest extent to keep these mandated leaders under the spotlight. Remember, they are only operating using power which we people have given to them through our mandate at the ballot box. If they abuse or misuse that power, we have EVERY RIGHT to reclaim that power and exercise it ourselves, collectively through whatever means necessary.

Lyn Kowih: Admins of Social Media Forums..KEEP THE REPORTS FLOWING IN..! Expose..Depose..Dispose! Yes Ya!

Vincent Moses: PM and other MPs are afraid because PNGans have never had a real time medium such as social media to interact and share information on any and all issues. Think about it, the days of them getting away with corruption have come to an end. All it takes is for one person with access to social media to know about something and within minutes, everyone else knows about it, as soon as it is uploaded. This is different to mainstream media where things have to be edited, screened, and then later aired or published, much later or even the next day.

John Pora: Share this post on your walls, let’s break a record here to show that a gentle force of information shared people to people can create a wave strong enough to change the course of PNG’S Leadership decisions, the real power is within us.

Decot De Jarvis: That’s social media at its ugliest best!! Way to go..

Ismael Isikel Decot De Jarvis yes, it’s ugliest best. Whatever the argument, facebook is the conscience of the people including those who oppose it.

Arnold Joseph Jnr: Regulating social media wont change anything. I think its time they listen to the people

Reishna Nomonu: This is an Information Tech world that we live in and regulations will hit brickwalls.

Jonah Irum: Let’s not waste time talking and we get no way. I call on the Admins of the social media groups n those like minded patriot brave hearts to come forward n let’s take fight to the streets. I am raising my hand up now give me 20 more brave heart men n women n we move.

Ranzolin Yags Kala: Poeple dnt let dwn social media, we on rigt track. The PNG population wil now depnd on social media,cos we no longer trust MPs.


Oigen Schulze: Long gone is the era of stupidity, surprisingly there are still few evidences of it in Parliament

Revie Levi Stanley: Whether you like us or not PO, get use to it because we will be around for a while.

Raydod Laboi: he is an ignorant ba?tard that cannot consider our views.

Peter J Yer: Kaboom! He has just obliterated what’s left of his integrity and dignity! Self-destruction in the highest extreme!

14 thoughts on “Prime Minister Peter O’Neill Rubbishes Social Media. Post Courier (The Drum), Friday 22nd November 2013

  1. Thanks to Social Media, when the PM and MP’s get exposed all the time, they feel reluctant to be elected into parliament because of there own selfishness and only the ones with true ambitions for the nations growth do. Its a new kind of revolution that we are practicing. By the way I hate leaders with ethnic motives.

  2. Thanks to social media, now there are some things that we need to share and talk about besides PM, rubbishing social media, dont you worry about that, there is nothing he can do about it or say to stop it. With the recent passing of the 2014 budget, we are on the road for diseaster with incresing budget deficit, excessive borrowings, increasing interest rates, inflation crepping in and high prices of goods and services including fuel, This is bad, I mean very, very bad. We are heading for a big diseaster and we do not see it. When Kina falls freely, the import prices will go up, exchanges rates goes up and consumers will be hard hit by high prices of goods. Don Polye is being ill advised and doesnt clearly see where the economy is heading. I am not an expert on economics but I feel the impact, how about you all. Can we do something about it?

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  4. Hello there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects? Thanks!

  5. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this outstanding blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this blog with my Facebook group. Talk soon!


    When the Pope or Queen of England visited PNG last, full State protocol was observed and red carpet laid out for them, with all the ladies and gentry of the former Territories turned up in their finest regalia, and happy flag waving school children lined the streets, shouting and singing various welcome songs composed in their honour. The faithful flew in from every part of the country to pay homage, went away fulfilled and satisfied.

    One such visit in the early 1970s was by then Australian Prime Minister, Hon. John Gorton MP and his wife Lady Gorton. There was a guard of honour led by a very sharp young military officer trained in Australia named, Edward Diro, who was eager to impress. The renowned and ward winning Police Band from the Bomana Police College took their place and played few Frank Sinatra numbers for the tense crowd gathered at the old terminal. The usual who is who among the 100,000 strong expatriate community sat on white chairs.

    Around the low wire barrier or fence were Policemen with police dogs acting as perimeter guards against the throng of anticipation building up and pressing, with the sound of the approaching official DC3 aircraft.

    As soon as the engines stopped, the doors opened, a white gloved Mrs Gorton with neatly coiffured hair and Mr Gorton alighted from the aircraft to the tarmac, to meet awaiting dignitaries and inspect the guard of honour.

    However, as soon as Lady Gorton’s feet touched the tarmac, someone in the crowd released a white greasy pig onto the tarmac. The frightened little pig ran straight between the soldiers, directly for Lady Gorton, who upon seeing the squealing pig running at her, suddenly fainted on the tarmac. As Prime Minister Gorton and other dignitaries tried in vain to resuscitate Lady Gorton on a hot sweltering day, the pig for the seated expatriate who is who. Many ladies fainted in their finery; some simply scaled the low fence, while the pig ran straight for the Police Band playing, knocking over music stands and causing the band to erupt in hitherto unknown tunes of disarray.

    Meanwhile, the police dogs observing this harmless little pig decided this was fun, or the pig would make good lunch, decided to give chase. There were Police Dog handlers being dragged all over the tarmac, while Edward Diro struggled to keep his white gloved parade lines straight.

    Of course, we know now it was Gorton who took the (initial) unilateral decision upon return to Australia, to prepare the Territories of Papua and New Guinea for immediate political self-government and independence.

    The reception of a banner saying “WELCOME : JOHN GORTON, PRIME MONSTER OF AUSTRALIA” followed by a demand for self-determination and Independence, coupled with a pig tackling lady Gorton at the tarmac, affected Gorton deeply. So deep was the affectation that the decision to trigger self-determination was taken unilaterally by Gorton without consulting the TP&NG Administration.

    Julie Bishop on the other hand has been well received in PNG.

    In Lae she stood out in her creamy white suit top and her dark slacks, well complemented by Governor Naru in his white top and dark slacks (minus buai), while the MP for Lae looks like a gypsy emerging from a second-hand outlet, swaying like the hanging gardens of Butibum, clad in assorted buai red of Sipaia by the sea.

    Bishop made 2 significant statements while in PNG.

    Firstly, she said Australia will counter-fund AUD$250 million for rebuilding of ANGAU Hospital (named after the Australia New Guinea Administrative Unit that took the two territories under one Administration under certain mandates from the UN). However, Bishop did not outline where this fund will come from and how it will be given to PNG.

    In recent times, we have seen so many empty promises made by Canberra to PNG. In the case of the Manus Refugee Processing Centre, Australia promised PNG would benefit, and the people of Manus would benefit to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. That has been a lie told by then Australian Prime Minister. Recent Newspaper adverts taken out by Australia with glossy figures of PNG benefits are all a calculated sham. The main contractors earning 90% of the contracts are all Australian and British companies on Manus, and off Manus.

    At a time with a very high budget deficit and the Abbott government struggling to meet its own balance of payments, Julie Bishop has not told us where this extra $250 Million is going to come from. We can only assume it is from budgeted aid funds. It is not clear whether the $250 Million is part of the normal $300 Million aid to PNG or not.

    The Abbott government upon election abolished Ausaid, and parked all aid funds with Julie Bishop’s Department of Foreign Affairs. That way, she can carry Australia’s aid cheque book around and play Father Christmas/ Salvation Army and Mother Theresa, all rolled in one, all over the Pacific.

    The PNG and Pacific’s experience of Ausaid has been a bitter-sour one. Australia uses its aid as a control tool of the Pacific countries. It sends in its Briefcase/Suitcase Brigade, commonly known as “consultants” and sucks back every dollar it gives, while in the meantime, it rewires all the politics and economies of the pacific to its advantage. A certain Statesman has branded this “Boomerang Aid”. Today, along with consultants, it sends Australian companies to implement aid projects.

    From our past experience, every PNGian can bet their brown arses that no PNG individual or company will see the $AUD250 million that Bishop so generously announced. It will be spent in Canberra by Australians on Australians, but in our name. How magnanimous in that?

    In the meantime, Julie Bishop has successfully put a bomb through the credibility and reputations of our own national Ministers for Health (Michael Malabag) and Planning (Charles Abel) who have already planned and agreed on a way forward for ANGAU. With their plans, reputations and credibility in tatters, let alone the national Health Plan, where will they find the extra K600 million to pump into ANGAU, when they are struggling to fund Port Moresby and other General Hospitals? Port Moresby Hospital’s budget has already been cut in half, where is Julie’s announcement going to leave the patients of Port Moresby?

    Bishop’s Second Statement on the issue of reciprocal visa on arrival treatment of PNGians is most sinister indeed.

    When Prime Minister ONeill has pushed for Visa on arrival in Australia, seeking long outstanding reciprocation from Australia of PNGians visiting Australia, Bishop said, if PNG wants visa on arrival then Australia demands the following:

    1. Close co-operation on border security management systems,
    2. Integrate foreign affairs and Immigration systems,
    3. Integrate the Judicial systems,
    4. Integrate the behind the border systems.
    5. In the meantime PNGians have been offered online visa application using their own computers or laptops.

    The writing has been on the wall for PNG citizens and Mr ONeill for a long time on this issue.

    Australia has a phobia about Melanesian people. It is a phobia that Australia obviously does not have with Polynesians, who gain easy visa access to Australia. Every town and city of Australia now has many Cook Islands, Samoan, Rotuma and Tongan Communities, replete with churches football clubs and other ethnic endeavours.

    However, there is not even one PNG community with its own church and clubs etc. The Polynesians with less than 300,000 people have done it, while PNG with over 7 million people, a former colony of Australia, has been kept out of Australia by deliberate government policy for over 40 years.

    New Zealand allows its former colonies and protectorates easy access to New Zealand and its universities and colleges. As a result Polynesians have advanced relatively fast. England, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands etc have various relaxed rules about their former colonies. But not so Australia against PNG.

    Singapore does not ask PNG to integrate or put its government apparatus under the control and interference of the Singaporean government in order to grant us visa on arrival, yet a plane load of PNGians land there almost every night of the week.

    Malaysia does not ask PNG to integrate PNG’s sovereignty with Malaysia to grant us visa on arrival.

    The Republic of Philippines does not ask PNG to integrate PNG’s sovereignty with its own yet 5 PNG flights land there every week.

    Fiji, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu, black Melanesian, where PNGians could easily run away and melt into their communities, do not ask for us to integrate our country’s sovereignty with theirs.

    All European Union countries under the Shengen Visa arrangements, including Great Britain, has not asked us to integrate our sovereignty with them.

    What Julie Bishop has just made public is most sinister. As crazy as it may sound, it is part of a naked and shameless plot to hi-jack the sovereignty of PNG.

    What John Gorton said, what subsequent Australian Prime Ministers Whitlam and Fraser said, granting of Self Government and Independence was that PNG was a difficult country to manage for Australia; grant them Independence, and when they fuck it up, we can justifiably march in and take control without firing a single shot. That way they (PNG Leaders) shoulder political responsibility to manage a tough country, but we (Australia) can harvest the benefits economically without much investment. A brilliant strategy!

    In this sinister plot, Peter ONeill is actively complicit. He has sold out PNG.

    Upon refusal by Australia to grant reciprocity 3 months ago, O’Neill should have denied them visa on arrival immediately. There is a NEC decision to this effect. But as Chairman of NEC he has not signed it, and therefore it has not been implemented. The fact that he has waited, and worked with Australia for this announcement by Julie Bishop, and taking into account other decisions O’Neill has unilaterally made on the asylum deal and the ECP Program, it is clear Peter O’Neill is part of a plot to sell out PNG’s sovereignty.

    The entire hype and recent radio talk back program on this visa issue by ONeill is just public grandstanding and a smokescreen. Just like Bougainville, where he has gone to pave the way for Australia to re-take the mine, just like all the hype and talk to immediately sell the Kumul Falcon Jet, and the Lae–Nadzab road contract price inflation investigation; he is good at saying one thing and doing another.

    It is now questionable who Mr O’Neill really works for.

    As for Julie Bishop, she is as two faced as they come, and it is clear her intentions concerning PNG are not honourable, nor are they in PNG’s best sovereign interests. She is not a friend of PNG. However, she is putting to effect that pre-Independence “brilliant strategy” that was in place all along.

    If Australia didn’t have this “brilliant strategy”, it would have granted free visa access to PNG citizens just as New Zealand did to its Polynesian protectorates, and we would be far advanced by now. We would have high education and health statistics, more economically developed with strong infrastructure because of advanced manpower, skilled population, strong middle class and business community just like Malaysia is now. We would have managed our natural resources for better returns, and would already have emerged as a major power in the region.

    Australia has deliberately down played PNG and its potential in the region to create and maintain this dependency syndrome- a curse!

    Now the real reason finally emerges from the lips of Julie Bishop!

    There are many decent Australians, people who have worked tirelessly in PNG for its welfare and advancement, people who believe in this country and its people. However, what is coming out of Canberra in terms of foreign policy posture is troubling most decent Australians because of its hostile overtures. It indeed troubles us decent PNGians.

    The people of Australia best rise up and tell their government to stop this madness. Leave us alone. Allow us to develop as equal partners with mutual respect and co-exist peacefully in the region.

    As first boat people who just arrived only 200 years ago in our waters, Canberra must show restraint and respect, and not take advantage of the weaknesses of our leaders like ONeill. We the people have eyes and can see what Canberra is really doing no matter how sugar coated the prose may be.

    Peter ONeill, Julie Bishop and Canberra, and this madness must be stopped immediately!


  7. Online visa applications by Oz high comm is a way to track our IP addresses and if necessary software is available and easily used to conduct surveillance (break into our computers) and monitor us and visa applicants’ activities.

    There is a sinister side to Oz High Comm’s electronic visa application process that the public needs to be aware of, especially after recent wikileaks recently exposing OZ High Comm in Port Moresby as a centre for spying on PNg and its citizens.

    Kelvin, great article.

  8. I’m very pleased to discover this website. I wanted to thank you for ones time for this particularly wonderful read!! I definitely liked every bit of it and i also have you saved to fav to check out new stuff on your site.


    The Prime Minister Peter O’Neill (‘aka O’Steal) has personally and unilaterally directed that the State of PNG borrow US$1.2 Billion Dollars through international financiers syndicated by the Swiss UBS Bank, to buy 10% of Oil Search Limited (OSL) shares. It is believed this transaction is motivated by personal gain. Therefore, this loan is believed to be for a corrupt outcome. This corruption is perpetrated by UBS and other international banks lending the money.

    PNG does not need the loan. It is Peter ONeill who needs the loan for his own corrupt gain. He is using the country’s assets to obtain a personal benefit. This must be made very clear to the international lenders. On this basis no future PNG Government will be liable to repay the funds, lent for an illegal purpose.

    As of this article the international lenders will be deemed to be aware of the allegations I make here.( I invite the Prime Minister to contradict me if he can).

    This is not an ordinary share purchase (investment) made by the Prime Minister on behalf of the people of PNG. What I am about to reveal is only known to a few key people in government circles.

    In 2013 Total, the French Petroleum conglomerate entered into a deal with InterOil Limited wherein it purchased 60% stock in InterOil with the intention to develop the Gulf/Elk-Antelope LNG Project. Total bench marked the price of the InterOil shares against the known oil and gas reserves of InterOil’s Gulf/Elk LNG reserves, and international price indicators.

    Interoil was started by two men in this country, Phil Mulacek and Gayland Baker in early 1990s. These two men, one a Texan and the other from California walked into Port Moresby government offices with empty brief cases promising to build an Oil Refinery in PNG out of one abandoned by Chevron in Alaska. While Curtain Brothers offered the Motukea refinery, these two men with very slick marketing skills, and Gayland Baker’s position as a director of conservative Fuller Christian Seminary, gained the upper hand.

    The rest is history, of the way they manipulated government decision making processes, public announcements, to gain every benefit, favour, approval, license and a free lift up in every other step of that company’s development.

    Interoil today is testimony to how Phil Mulacek has carefully and deliberately manipulated the goodness of the people of PNG and their government, how he has ruthlessly and unscrupulously exploited the weaknesses of key leaders of PNG, to build a personal fortune worth several hundred Million Dollars for himself and his extended family. Mulacek has been ably assisted by Christian Vincent, the Frenchman, his brother-in-law who acts as Phil’s main go-to man who has also gained in the hundreds of Millions.

    In a small town things can get a bit incestuous, as Christian Vincent’s long term girlfriend in PNG happens to be the Fijian-Indian Lady with the short skirt who is the CEO for Peter O’Neill insurance company. Peter O’Neill is no stranger to Vincent and Mulacek having had many private dinners and meetings over the years when Mr O’Neill was a Minister in the Somare Cabinet.

    Having sold 60% of InterOil to the French Company for several hundred Million dollars, Mulacek and co have been holding out the balance of the shares of 40% for a price that is almost triple what the French have paid for per share previously. The French having pre-emptive rights could not pay the price that the Mulacek camp has been asking for the balance of the shares. Meanwhile the Gulf-Elk LNG Project is not going anywhere fast.

    The Mulacek camp have been trying to play Total against Exxon and Oil Search Ltd, who both also expressed interest in a piece of the action. Mulacek had hoped Total would pay the price to own the whole lot or Exxon would pay a premium to participate. No one took the bait. Over the years people have become tired and weary of Mulacek and his antics, always trying to profiteer and gain unreasonably, when he came to PNG with nothing. The InterOil project could have been fully financial 5 years ago had Mulacek not been greedy and held out.

    This game has developed into a stalemate with Total holding majority stock and cant fund the project until it took the rest of the stock. It required a game breaker.

    This is where the creative genius of Phil Mulacek came to the fore once again, and perhaps for the last time against the people of PNG. He approached Peter O’Neill through the lady with the short skirt for a private meeting. In that meeting it was laid out to ONeill that someone should assist Oil Search Limited (who has expressed interest ) to buy the balance of the 40% shares in Interoil for the exorbitant price that even Total would not pay. That Oil Search Limited had already been sounded out on this, and provided someone funded OilSearch Limited for the price of the Interoil Shares they would do the deal to further fortify them against any corporate raid. The State of PNG taking the shares would surely be a poison pill for the Dubai based Arabs seeking to do a raid on OilSearch Limited. The aggregate agreed price for 40% InterOil shares and OilSearch 10% shares was in the vicinity of USD1.0 Billion with enough fat to go around.

    What was put to O’Neill in that meeting was that if he could get the Government of PNG to borrow USD$1.2 Billion from international commercial lenders, and buy 10% of Oilsearch Limited shares, Oilsearch Limited would use the proceeds definitely to buy the 40% shares from Interoil at its ridiculous asking price, AND THERE WOULD BE A VERY TIDY KICK BACK OF USD$100 MILLION FROM MULACEK & CO TO ONEILL for making this happen.

    This was the game breaker. ONeill became the game breaker. He became Peter O’Steal.

    Having shook hands on the deal in last quarter of 2013, Phil Mulacek has been working feverishly with Peter Botten of Oil Search Limited, to get international lenders to lend to the State this huge sum of money, while Peter ONeill has been carefully moving the right people into right places to take the decisions for him, and to cover his arse in the State agencies. The last act was to move the Minister for Petroleum William Duma aside and put his own man Duban in place to approve the deal. ONeill knew Duma would see through the deal as unfair, unreasonable and corrupt and not approve it.

    This week Peter ONeill has had lawyers and Financiers and bankers camping all over town feverishly working to finalize the deal. The only Minister working closely with ONeill to close the deal is Ben Micah, who will support ONeill because he needs ONeill to turn a blind eye to his own stealing.

    Most of the Members of Parliament in the Government side do not know about this very juicy and lucrative deal that is going down just this week.

    In fact most of the Cabinet Ministers do not even know. The Opposition does not have the manpower or the resources to keep up with Peter O’Steall’s very active life of carrying on private business deals while pretending to be Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea. Only a few people close to him only know some of the deals, but not all.

    This Prime Minister has made more money using his position as Prime Minister of this country than any other leader in the history of this country, and that folks, is the understatement of the Century. Nothing over K10 Million passes the Tenders Board, for example, without the Prime Minister getting a look in first. His fingers are so sticky that it is now common knowledge among all his Coalition Party colleagues that this man is not good for PNG.

    Papua New Guineans need to ask, and ascertain very clearly that:

    1. The State does not need the 10% of OilSearch Limited Shares. Oilsearch Limited is a public company. It can bloody well raise its own money and buy the shares. When Peter Botten was first approached to buy the Interoil shares he baulked at the sale price as he knew what Total paid. Interoil was asking far too much. When he was again approached with State Offer, he realized it would be a poison pill to have the State to hold substantial shares in OilSearch, so he happily agreed. Oilsearch quickly overpriced its batch of 10% shares and was also gaining from the sale of the shares to the State. Everybody gains from the State.

    2. The Deal and the Loan is not in the best commercial or financial interests of PNG and its economy. The Country has already pledged its assets, including the previous Oilsearch Shares (18%), to the Dubai based financiers of our LNG interests. Why borrow more to get into debt with Swiss Banks this time and park the interest encumbered (shares) in the same commercial entity (Oilsearch) that the Dubai lenders already have priority in call over? Putting all our LNG eggs (revenue stream) in one basket is not a wise move.

    3. Why didn’t Peter ONeill opt to use the money to allow the State to exercise its option to acquire 22.5% of the Gulf Elk LNG Project?

    4. Why is Peter ONeill helping to protect OilSearch which is a public company- unless there is a catch?

    5. Has Peter ONeill relied on a fair and commercial valuation of the shares of Oil Search Limited to justify the price, despite the prevailing share price? Where is the professional valuation?

    6. Why is Peter ONeill borrowing USD1.2 Billion to fund shares when the money can be best spent on health and education and infrastructure?

    7. How can the PNG economy which is already burdened by debt and currently underpinned by 2 consecutive years of massive budget deficits afford to shoulder this huge debt burden? Why has Peter ONeill further mortgaged our future?

    8. Why has Peter ONeill further exposed the PNG economy to the LNG Project. All the hopes of the politicians are on the LNG Project. This is a huge and monumental gamble; particularly because the State has failed to honour its agreements with the Landowners, and the State ( Arthur Somare) has failed to explain what happened to the 3% of the State’s 22.5% in the PNG LNG Project. What happened to the 3%? Mr ONeill was Finance Minister. He knows what happened to the 3% in the Dubai deal. Perhaps he can explain? The Landowners will not allow leaders to trick and mislead them anymore. They are wiser by the day.

    9. Why didn’t Peter ONeill allow the USD1.2 Billion to be borrowed by Kumul Holdings or National Petroleum Company or even the IPBC, for it to buy outright the shares of Interoil? Why gift Oil Search Limited this money at the expense of the people of PNG? Why does OilSearch have to own the InterOil Shares (thereby the Gulf-ELK LNG Project) when the State could easily acquire it and own it- and not for that price!

    10. What is the underlying rationale and underlying value in the exorbitant price (of the loan) of the InterOil Shares? Who has done independent industry benchmarked valuations based on which Peter ONeill has agreed with Mulacek to do this deal?

    11. What is the nature of the Mulacek-ONeill kickback and how was it designed to be delivered?

    12. Is it true this major investment decision worth approximately K4 Billion was made by one man, Peter ONeill, without Cabinet or Parliamentary approval or debate? If so then it is clearly an abuse of the office of the PM, and he should be referred to the Ombudsman for investigation.

    There are many things absolutely and seriously wrong with this investment decision. The Prime Minister has no power to unilaterally commit this country like he has done with Manus Asylum seekers etc. It has become abuse of power. He has become dictatorial.

    ONeill is currently getting government agencies and Departments to approve this transaction for which even the Finance & Treasury officials and the Bank of PNG have not done any formal prior appraisal of this loan. He is trying to rail road the proper government agencies to approve this transaction, when they haven’t even done any proper evaluation of this loan against the country’s other commitments and debt levels.

    I call on Ministers of Cabinet, Government Coalition Partners and Leaders to demand full briefing on this transaction, and all documentation on this transaction be tabled in Cabinet and Parliament for public scrutiny. I call on the Cabinet Ministers and coalition partners to block this stupid loan.

    I call on Senior Ministers to feel sorry for this country and its people, to take their oaths to serve the people seriously. I call on responsible Ministers to stand firm and not endorse this deal even it means their sacking. It is time for principled leaders to stand up to this PM and his greed.

    Already the PM has set it all up so that he does not sign any documents himself. He is using quiet pressure through other people including, once again Ministers Marabe, Polye, Micah and Duban to sign and endorse this deal that Parliament and Cabinet did not approve. Even if Cabinet approved it, it seems they would have been mis-informed. When the shit hits the fan, the PM will naturally go after these Ministers and once again, blame them, as he did with the Paraka deal.

    This is a stupid deal, designed to benefit a few greedy and selfish people. IT MUST BE STOPPED!

    The Prime Minister needs to declare his interest in this matter publicly and resign. He has taken far too much from this country and the small people. He has to learn that enough is enough!

    By Dr Patrick Onguglo

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