An example of PNG Constitutional Changes that Suspend Reality


If one could float on air in PNG, it’s most likely that this is possible through the hot air that can be blown up issues by the O’Neill Government to suspend reality.

How is it and why is it necessary for a constitutional clause specifically stating (among other things) that ‘…in accordance with the repeal provision and in respect of the process of grant of citizenship or the grant of citizenship to such a person, it is hereby declared that that process or grant shall not be questioned, reviewed or appealed against in any court of law and a decision made or any action taken by the Minister in relation to that process of grant of citizenship or grant of citizenship to such person is final and non-justiciable

Have we gone mad? Is this particular new Citizen of PNG really worth a constitutional change to this effect? So every other law relating to Mining Agreements and Resources and State Owned Enterprises and the peoples freedom to protest can be reviewed and changed but NOT a new Citizen of PNG who may have a questionable past????


6 thoughts on “An example of PNG Constitutional Changes that Suspend Reality


    The recent public allegations of grand raping and pillaging of two Western Province people’s trust funds, and of corruption, raised by the Member for South Fly on the floor of Parliament over the purchase of a controversial barge, and the allegations raised by Mr William Goinau, former PA for Western Province over the stealing involving the Western Province People’s Dividend Trust Fund Non CMCA Account, is mind boggling.
    It is mind boggling indeed, not only for the amounts of money involved but the top level politicians and bureaucrats , aided by a number of close associates businessmen and women involved, to steal, and then funnel part of the moneys back to the politicians and bureaucrats responsible.
    I don’t have the time and the space to go into all the people involved and what they did. However, if you have been to the Western Province and seen the state of the people, seen the state of government services, seen the health of the people, seen the state of the environment along the Fly River, you would understand why some of us in this country can feel our blood literally boil with anger to see what the very elected leaders and their cohorts are doing.
    It is so unfair to see fat cats who are already well off steal from the poor, hungry and the needy. Now you know why I am writing. I am writing because I am bloody angry.

    This is the company that the MP for South Fly Hon Aide Ganasi alleged on the floor of Parliament that the company tendered publicly, and contracted to build a new cargo landing barge for the South Fly people. The contract to construct a new barge was K8.272 Million tendered by Manton Group who was awarded the tender under rather interesting circumstances, but that’s another story.
    Instead, Manton Group, the company involved instead of building the new barge as per their tender, and without variation to the tender, bought a second hand one for about K3 Million.
    All along Manton Group has been telling everyone this boat was worth K8.272 Million. But that now appears to have been a lie. The first question is, what happened to the K5.272 Million difference?
    Normally, a tender variation is usually allowed or acceptable within the range of 5-15% at the high end in any industry. There must be good reasons for variation. But a tender variation of over 60% is unheard of anywhere in the world. Cost overruns usually see contractors in court. The second question is did Manton Group seek a variation and hand over the K5.272 Million less their costs to the CSTB to be paid to the Western Peoples Non CMC A Trust Fund? The Answer is NO.
    It appears the Manton Group kept for themselves the K5.272 Million of Western people’s funds.
    The third question is what happened to the second hand boat bought from the people’s funds by Manton Group? The Answer is simple. It was seen plying the waters of New Ireland, carrying copra and other goods around New Ireland and the fair Islands of Mussau.
    The Fourth question is, what is a boat bought from the moneys of the poor Western Province people trading around New Ireland Province? Answer: Only God and Manton Group know.
    The Fifth question is, who is benefiting from the commercial returns on the boat’s trading activities? Answer: Only God and Manton Group know.

    Manton Group of companies include the following companies:
    Registered Office- S37, Lot 04, Elenese Street, Konedobu.
    Shareholders- 100 shares issued.
    (a) Leyton Tamiropi ( DOB- 3rd March 1983). Nationality: PNG [ 71 shares ]
    (b) Saturn Limited. [49 shares]
    Directors: Company Status ( National Company? Number of shares held & issued uneven)
    (a) Leyton Tomiropi
    (b) Gabriel Magyari Nationality: Hungary.

    Registers Office- S37, Lot 04 Elenese Street ,Konedobu.
    Shareholders -100 shares issued.
    (a) Gabriel Magyari ( DOB- 3rd June 1963) –Nationality: PNG [ 100 shares]
    (b) Michael Toanchina (DOB- 14th January 2005)- Nationality: PNG [ 24 Shares]
    (c) Leyton Micah- [78 shares].
    (d) Saturn Limited- [52 shares]
    Directors: Company Status: National Company? (Number of shares held & issued uneven)
    (a) Leyton Micah ( DOB-3rd March 1983). Of S37 lot 04 Elenese St, Konedobu, Nationality: PNG
    (b) Gabriel Magyari ( DOB 3rd January 1963), of s37 lot 04 Elenese St, Konedobu. Nationality: Hungary.

    Registered Office- S37, Lot 04, Elenese St. Konedobu.
    Shareholders- 100 shares
    (a) Opi Loi – Nationality- PNG. [30 shares]
    (b) Kalman Sebastyen- Nationality- Hungary [30 shares]
    (c) Saturn Limited- 100 shares.
    Directors. Company Status: Foreign Company.[ No foreign company Certification].
    (a) Gabriel Magyari – Nationality: Hungary
    (b) Opi Loi- Nationality: PNG
    (c) Kalman Sebastyen- Nationality: Hungary.

    Registered Office- S37, Lot 04 Elanese St, Konedobu.
    Shareholders: 100 issued.
    (a) Gabriel Magyari [100 shares] Nationality- Hungary.
    Directors: 100% Foreign owned. ( Does not have foreign company Certification).
    Gabriel Magyari- Nationality: Hungary.
    The above is a summary of the Manton Group. The Group also has a shipping company as well as a Loss Adjusting company operating out of the United Church Building in Port Moresby.

    1. Gabriel Magyari is an Hungarian. But under Manton Group Ltd IPA records he says he is a PNG National. It is likely he is illegally carrying a PNG Passport, and may have received the Western Province people’s moneys under false pretences.
    2. Leyton Micah is the son of Public Enterprises Minister Hon Ben Micah.
    3. Leyton Tamiropi and Leyton Tomiropi appear to be the same person.
    4. Leyton Micah and Leyton Tamiropi and Leyton Tomiropi all have the same date of birth and same residential address. It is obvious it is all Leyton Micah disguised (poorly) as someone else. But to what purpose? To cover up his shareholdings from public scrutiny?
    5. Michael Toanchina is only a 9 year old child holding shares in Manton Group. New Irelanders close to Magyari and Micah say there is no one by that name in their families. So who is Michael Toanchina in Manton Group Limited? Is it a phantom shareholder receiving actual dividends? In any case he is too young and lacks capacity to hold shares. This shareholding is dubious and likely to be against the law.
    6. Saturn Limited is not foreign company certified. So its operating illegally in PNG since 2006 and its shareholding too should be voided by the Registrar of companies.
    7. Global Re Brokers is in the same boat with no Foreign Certification. It is carrying on business illegally.

    It is common knowledge in business circles and in PNG Politics Gabriel Magyari is Minister Ben Micah’s business partner/associate. He is the go to man for Ben Micah. In December 2012 it was Magyari who was pictured on the Post Courier with Minister Micah signing the Satellite deal with the Chinese.
    Magyari is also known as Micah’s brother, and a father to Leyton Micah, who as a youngster spent considerable time at the Magyari household in Kariong in NSW, Australia.
    Micah is a big picture man. He was smart enough to know he needed a detail minded with strong business sense. That’s how Magyari fitted the bill to allow Micah to do his politics while business opportunities were naturally passed to Magyari.
    It is not too difficult to imagine Gabriel Magyari, who once sank his own boat at the Yacht Club and tried to make a false insurance claim for several hundred thousand Kina, but finally settled for K10,000 loss, to conjure up an idea like:
    “ Hey brother Ben why don’t we sell a Chinese Boat from one of the groups we met on our last trip to the Governor for Western. He has a lot of money tied up in the Western Province Trust, as luck would have it, chaired by our own (PPP Minister for Mining and fellow New Irelander) Hon Byron Chan”.
    Ben would say what about Governor for Western?
    Magyari would say, leave him to me. There’s enough for everybody. I will find a way.
    Upon hearing this Ben would say, its settled then. I will see Byron tomorrow. But we must make it legal you know, the tender process etc.
    Gabriel says, yes I thought of that. I got it covered.
    That’s how a Hungarian Migrant made it big in PNG.

    The Commission of Inquiry is usually the Prime Minister’s call.
    Will the Prime Minister institute it to fight the obvious corruption?
    The answer is a big fat NO.
    Peter ONeill does not have the balls or the guts to take Ben Micah on. If he institutes an inquiry it will catch Hon Byron Chan, Ati Wobiro, Ben Micah and goodness knows who else!
    Ben Micah is ONeill’s friend and a close political associate. Peter ONeill depends on Ben Micah and PPP. Peter ONeill draws his political life breath from Ben Micah. Micah knows it so he is using Magyari to do as much “business” as possible using the SOEs in the power plants businesses and other business.
    So what happens to the hungry rat?
    He eats the cheese and runs scot free! Whoopie ! Yabba dabba doo!
    What about the people of Western Province?
    They will die of decease and poverty, and their children will have no hope of doing any better because Ben Micah and his Hungarian brat ate their cheese, and now they are dancing on the bow and the stern of the vessel they took, making more money.
    What about Ati Wobiro?
    He is a fool for allowing his own people to be robbed for a bite of that tasty cheese.
    What happens to the Landing Barge?
    It is part of Gabriel Magyari’s business empire. It may never see the Western Province.
    What happens to the money, the K5.272 Million?
    What money?


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