The Investmement Promotion Authority PNG’s Online Registry System


After first announcing in 2011, that they had an online Registry service on the way, IPA finally launched their Online Search & Lodgement System this year. The idea is that now users can lodge company forms, file documents, request certificates and extracts or do searches online without having to go to the counter at IPA’s office in Konedobu, Port Moresby.

I’ve had a go myself and I was surprised and perhaps a little alarmed that I can now find and see my company information quite easily. (Although I must add its great for seeing quickly what companies politicians own). I guess that was some of the concern on facebook by some people that making information easily acceptable like that was scary. But the ability to do company searches are one of the main functions of a registry and you were able to do this by lining up years ago.

The list of areas covered by the system are:

  1. Associations: Search Associations, Search Public Officers, Notice of Intention, Confirm Receipt of Authority
  2. Business Groups: Search Business Groups, Search Role, Incorporate Business Group, Confirm Receipt of Authority
  3. Business Names: Search Business Name, Search Business Name Owner, Confirm Receipt of Authority
  4. Companies: Search for a Company, Search Reserved Names, Reserve Overseas Company Name, Register an Overseas Company, Confirm Receipt of Authority
  5. Foreign Certification: Search Foreign Enterprise, Apply for Foreign Enterprise Certification, Initial Application For Exemption, Confirm Receipt of Authority

The system was setup by New Zealand registry specialists, Foster Moore. I hope that Foster Moore is looking at business with our other government departments such as Lands, Immigration etc etc. The more integrated our government registry systems and the more advanced services they can provide the cheaper overall doing business in PNG can become and reduce the stress that we all have to endure lining up in queues in Port Moresby.

As our mobile phone usage increases and the sales of cheaper smartphones proliferate and as banks in PNG hand out more Visa Debit Cards, the bigger the opportunity now for the Provinces to boost SME’s to get some money going in to the Provinces and not just the main cities like Port Moresby, Lae and Mt. Hagen.


23 thoughts on “The Investmement Promotion Authority PNG’s Online Registry System

  1. Hi,

    Pls assist me how to register a company online. I have tried my best but unable to open the forms to submit.

    Tae Samuel

    1. I want to register a new group company now but are we going to go on line to fill the application forms?
      Need application form and how to fill the form.

  2. Hi Can some one help me to check these business certificate?
    J.A Freighters & Morobe Hardplumb
    Applied for renewal on the 14th April 2014 but not receive up until now. If ready email the copy to;

    Eki Domai

  3. Please assist me find company registration for KPT Internal Limited. Sometimes referred to as Korea Papua New Guinea Tradining.

    I anticipate your timely response.


  4. I would like to make a search for Kwangmol Development Association with a view to obtain extract basically to open the association bank account with BSP. Could you please assist in this regard.

    John King
    Executive Secreatry.

  5. Hi! Happy News Day and All the Best for 2016. How do I obtain company extracts? or print the Certificate of Incorporation and Constitution, etc. etc.?

  6. Hi, I Aquino Saklo, wish to enquire about the following land group, Lingerua Incorporated land group, if it is registered with with IPA?

  7. I want to register business online, how do I go about it, do I have to register? Please I need some directions, thanks

  8. I stopped doing business registration at Lae regional IPA branch and now would like continue on from where I left it. Please advice me if the Business Name I Registered is still active for final certification?

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