Have a Housing Question for #PNG Minister for Housing? Ask him in person this Friday at Tanim Graun; The Housing Challenge




4 thoughts on “Have a Housing Question for #PNG Minister for Housing? Ask him in person this Friday at Tanim Graun; The Housing Challenge

  1. Housing? National Housing Corporation? A joke. There are 11.000 houses sold by Government over the last 40 years and neither the NHC nor the Lands Department can or will transfer them. Thousands of our citizens have paid off their homes but have died with no title and their children and widows have been evicted and the property sold by public servants. This disgusting theft from the dead was dealt with by the PAC and described as a national scandal. Not one recommendation was implemented. These buyers are ordinary middle class citizens who worked hard for years to fulfill their contractual obligations only to find that the State failed to fulfill its duty and then stole their money and their land. the NHC was and always has been a slush pit run by criminals for criminals and the Lands Dept. is right in there. Now both are working for the Paga Hill Development Co. with full NEC support! Incredible organized crime.

  2. Thanks Will, it is a huge mess, I’ll advise when we’ve completed editing the TV show and have uploaded it online so you can see some of the solutions the Government is looking at.

  3. Hi Manu,
    I initially wanted to attend this session on housing in which I understand the Housing Minister was amongst the panelist.
    I am interested in low cost housing affordability by the middle to low income earners and what is the present governments policy to address this most critical aspect of human decency and livelihood.
    It is with interest to see the government has parked K200 hundred million kina with BSP. For what! Houses that cost an arm and a leg! Who in their right frame of mind would encourage houses at exorbitant prices and interests? I would like for the ministry and its so call business arm, whatever it is called ‘the National Housing Real Estate Limited’ to critically make a proper assessment of the housing situation here in the city and elsewhere. Take for example, low cost housing like the Hohola type brick houses can be built at Bautama or fringes of Laloki and dismantle settlements for people to go live in them and let the NHREL collect rents from this. The city and relevant municipalities including customary landowners around the towns should register land to work in partnership with the ministry and the NHREL to build these low cost houses which will benefit both the landowners and the ministry.
    About time we make some serious hard decision in relation to housing and let us not ride on adhoc and rhetoric fly by the night solution is more often piece meal and does not benefit the mass. PNG and our livelihood stand to improve with the government and landowners standing to earn more from such ventures.

    1. Hi Tevita, good points. Maybe watch this Episode on Saturday 11am and you could write a response to what the Ministers say and I could post it as a blog post here

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