Dust to Dust


At the head of the airstrip at Jacksons Airport a tiny hill is being flattened today. You may have seen several of these dirt formations over the years when passing the Wildlife area on your way to Sogeri.

But what many of the old in Port Moresby failed to tell us was that all these tiny hills are war bunkers that were made to defend PNG and Australia if the Japanese were ever succesful in getting over the Kokoda Track.

This literally was the last line of defence for the Allied Forces. So today without fanfare or trumpet, without a plaque or flag I salute these gaurdians as they return to the earth from which they came.

Lest We Forget

One thought on “Dust to Dust

  1. We thank the government for the expansion of the airfield come whatever development plan of it. I am particularly awestruck to hear about those little hills having historical aura that surrounds it. Such places should be marked memorable as they recall part of world history significantly as our part in world war.

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