Goroka should be in step with the University of Goroka


I wanted to discuss something and I’m hoping Gorokans especially can give me their thoughts. I’ve been to Goroka 3 times in the last 12 months and all my trips have all included a stop at the University of Goroka.

I’m not only impressed by the infrastructure at the University but more so the staff that I’ve dealt with there and you can sense a very progressive culture to get things done, to embrace new ideas and to continuously improve all aspects of the University.

But what role does Goroka town play in conjunction with the extraordinary growth of the University there. In other words how can the town compliment and benefit from the University?

There are some signs of the ways to achieve this. One is the growth of lodges around the University to cater for company employees or teachers sent to UOG for training. This is a form of business directly tied to the University. So has Goroka town looked at other areas perhaps to tap into the money from students, staff and the University itself? What about a cinema, nice coffee shops, maybe a Vision City like Mall or tour buses to the mountains, what about more festivals etc. Does coffee have to be the only boom business in Goroka?

What do you all think?



3 thoughts on “Goroka should be in step with the University of Goroka

  1. I agree. I’ve spent 4 years there and, Goroka is one of those save places in PNG where you can roam.
    The university attracts thousands of pupil every year bringing money into the province. Locals and surrounding community need to provide better high covenant houses to cater for self sponsored students.

  2. Eastern Highlanders are kindhearted citizen,any improvement wanted to take place in such diverse cultural province that’s such an epic for the new graduates and other region students who decided to study their will all be well suitable for the facility as well as improvement in town its still had to look at down the part.

  3. APO NOHO .
    Thanks for the info ,i can not see the differance with my home town ,but appreciate your comments ,

    blessed you.

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