One thought on “Tanim Graun is back for 2015. Join Us for the Discussion on Law & Order in #PNG

  1. Very important topic to start off TG in 2015. The chronic weaknesses in the police force are creating economic and social havoc in PNG. Without a sober, disciplined police force the community lives in fear of lawlessness and despair at seeing justice. The broader issue is that many parts of PNG are transitioning from village based ideals where everyone is in some part responsible for the harmony and good running of the community to much larger communities like Pom and Lae where aspects of this harmonisation are necessarily farmed out to the police and other agencies that are essential for regulating life in a large complex society like a city. The problem is when the police go missing in action and cant/wont do their job it leaves city residents stuck in no mans land. They’re in an environment too big and complex to resolve issues the traditional way but because of a dysfunctional police force there is no alternative solution. The result is we all live in a city where the single biggest employer is the private security industry and every house hides behind razor wire fences and window bars.

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