In 2012, Morauta declared that he found an Octopus


Mekere Morauta delivered an illuminating speech on his baby the IPBC last year. After starting it, leaving and then returning to it, he declared that, “I found an octopus. Through a process of mutation IPBC had become a major business empire full of ailing, under-performing businesses, trapped in a vicious circle – lack of capital, lack of management expertise, lack of commercial discipline, and lack of accountability.” No prizes for what happened to the Zoo of Animals while Morauta was away.

But since Morouta had a last chance to revisit his pet project before departing and in conjunction with a detailed report by ADB titled ‘Finding Balance: Benchmarking the Performance of State-Owned Enterprises in PNG‘ I do certainly hope that we are on the turn around with the board appointment of a number of new and old faces at our SOE’s. Post Courier compiled the list below for us. What are your thoughts on the appointments?

1. Garth McIllwain – Chairman
2. Sir Frederick Reiher – Dpty Chairman
3. Sir James Tjoeng
4. Simon Foo
5. Sir Noel Levi
6. Luke Minjukili
7. Cpt Leslie Heyward

1. Mahesh Patel – Chairman
2. Martin Veisame – Dpty Chairman
3. Avia Koisen
4. Cedric Rondoke
5. Essau Wareh
6. Malcolm Lewis
7. David Cox
8. Dr. Samuel Kopamu.

1. Joshua Bakiri – Chairman
2. Thomas Laka – Dpty Chairman
3. Ms Finkewe Zurenouc
4. Sana Somare
5. Sylvester Kenatsi
6. Peter Suar
7. Camdan Pratt
8. Robert Bradshaw.

1. Ms Mary Karo – Chairman
2. Peter Inara – Dpty Chairman
3. Vincent Mirupasi
4. Leslie Hoffman
5. David Erico

1. Ruben Aila – Chairman
2. Mrs Mary Laimo – Dpty Chairman
3. Mrs Bungtabu Brown
4. Sam Goia Akmagi
5. Luke Ako
6. Roddy Wada

1. Dr Ken Ngangan – Chairman
2. Eno Daera – Dpty Chairman
3. John Chris
4. Janet Sios
5. Mark Baia
6. Samson Jubi
7. Blaise Nangoi

1. Nathaniel Poya – Chairman
2. Job Suat – Dpty Chairman
3. Eddie Hesingut
4. Patrick Amini
5. Prof John Puma
6. Harvey Nii
7. Igo Oala
8. Luke Niap

1. Bill Sweet Peter – Chairman
2. Pokawin – Dpty Chairman
3. Joseph Karap
4. Seseka Korona
5. Jack Baru

I personally take a big interest in our SOE’s because of the effect they have on SME’s in the country. As has been seen the world over, SME’s are an important driver of developing a nations’ economy. How much I am billed for their services or what type of work they can give me as an SME supplier goes a long way in boosting entrepreneurship and business. I hope the Octopus grows to help us and not strangle us.