Old Opportunities and New Competition in PNG’s Media Industry

By Emmanuel Narokobi

It’s inevitable that with an improved economic environment that business will prosper. And with an increase in business you obviously get more competition with goods and services. We all know what happened with Digicel and Bemobile. So as a small business I’ve been asking myself;  In the face of competition, do you try to go it alone and do everything yourself or do you start building strategic alliances?

The business relationships and business opportunities between Fiji and PNG have definitely grown over the years and have been of particular interest to me. And just out of curiosity I’ve been wondering out aloud from my own perspective as to why PNG’s search for business opportunities in Fiji have been in the finance sector, while Fiji’s interest in PNG has been in the media industry. Maybe it highlights something that’s lacking in each country because where there is a problem, there is always an opportunity in the job of fixing that problem.

I do not know enough about the Fiji or PNG finance industries to comment further on it, but for my industry which sometimes blurs between media, IT and Marketing it seems our Fijian cousins have certainly seen some opportunity here in PNG. FijiTV owns our PNG FM and EMTV, Under Dawg Productions have entered the Film Production and Print industry (TruTok magazine), MobiMedia supplies mobile content to Digicel and I hear that another Fijian company called nuiwavemedia is in the process of setting up in PNG.

I’d say that yes we do have something lacking in PNG, the standard of our media industry does need a shake up and if it means a couple of Fijian companies coming across here to prod us into action then so be it. I am a firm believer in the media shaping a society and if our standards can rise above the CHM music videos that we all like to pay out on and the poor EMTV ads that we laugh at, then I think we can begin to see life imitating art in a positive way.

The media’s power to have us face ourselves in the mirror and to consciously or sub-consciously effect us should not be underestimated by the government or society as a whole. There are also other media companies from other countries operating here like Murdifications from Australia. But I particularity like the Fijian approach to media of incorporating a Pacific feel to their work as opposed to what we saw with the BSP campaign by Murdifications.

With a population of 6 million and with such an undeveloped media industry, PNG is becoming a big opportunity for anyone in the region who puts their mind to coming here to do business. Its definitely making me think about the way I do things at Masalai.


(image from niuwavemedia)