Cameron Kennedy aka Clarence Q

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Okay to all those music loving bloggers out there, today’s interview is with Cameron Kennedy aka Clarence Q from Cairns. Some of you in Pom will no doubt have already seen the flyers going out for the big party with 2 other DJ’s at Lamana on the 7th of July. You can also check out their MySpace page here.

So I thought I’d have a chat with Clarence Q to find out a little more about this Disc Jockey. So mate tell us a little about yourself.

I’m 25 years old and I was born in Adelaide and within 2 weeks was living it up in Port Moresby. I’m half Tolai and half Aussie.

And how did you get into your music, where did that come from?

Living half of my life in PNG and the other in Australia, I was exposed to lots of different music. Growing up with people from all over the world exposed me to drum n bass and Jungle from Ireland, Disco and House music from USA and Dub and Reggae from Jamaica, UK and PNG.

I first started DJing with cassettes and vinyl when I was 9 years old at my mum and dads house parties on Airvos Avenue. My mum and dad where disco people, they were around at this night club in New Orleans when Amy Stewart’s “Knock on Wood’ first performed in the early 70’s’.

These days I play pretty much everything from House to Hip Hop and Funk to Dub.

So did you go to school here in PNG?

I went to school at Ela Beach Primary School and then to POMHI for 2 years. I then went to Ipswich Grammar School as a border for 4 years. After that I moved to Townsville to do a Bachelor in Photography. I then moved to Cairns and did a Multimedia diploma and started HiFly Production House soon after.

Tell us about your company HiFly Production House?

With HiFly I have photographed concerts, made television commercials, documentaries, designed magazines ETC. I have recently formed another company HiFly Entertainment Group which has just bought a nightclub here in Cairns. I plan to bring down as many PNG recording artists as possible to both my club as well as clubs in Brisbane.

I am also one of 6 young people in QLD to be chosen for the Q Music’s A-Venue Program in 2006. That same year I coordinated my first major festival ‘Backdrop Festival”. I had to organize 120 performers on 3 stages over 12hrs. That was a mission!

Since 2003 I’ve been in the promotion side of things in Cairns putting on bands and DJs from all over Australia and the world. I’ve put on over 200 shows since I began in this business.

Cool, is your nigh club ready yet? What’s it called?

Im in the process of license transfers right which takes 4 to 6 weeks. So im hoping to launch the HiFly Bar at the End of July.

So obviously besides your other work at HiFly you are a DJ in your own right, whereabouts have you played?

We’ve performed at the Barrier Reef Hotel, Victory Café, PCT, Backdrop Festival, the Upholstery, IMA, the Tanks, and Metropolis. I play Funk, Hip Hop, Dub and House and I’ve been performing for 16 years now.

So any funny stories when you’ve been on the job?

Wendell Sailor almost belted me at Hotel LA in Brisbane. But I guess it wasn’t funny at the time.

One last question do you know Akay-47 of the Massive Sound System?

No but I went to school with Tarosi at Ela Beach and Glen is my cousin.

Awesome! Well it’s encouraging to see young people such as yourselves developing the music scene internationally as well as in PNG so thank you for your time and I’ll definitely see you at the LGC!