Carbon Crusader or Carbon Cowboy?

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Once again Al Jazeera comes through with a clever and highly illustrative story on our favourite cowboy (other than Clint Eastwood), Kirk Roberts. Juliana Ruhfus takes a galloping ride throughout the country allowing Kirk to give his side of the story which leaves us all to make up our own minds as to whether he is a Crusader or Cowboy in this whole REDD scheme. (Most of you will be familiar with the ever growing comments on our hottest post on this topic here).

But on a larger scale as negotiatons are taking place this month in Copenhagen Juliana states that although talks will be about stopping carbon emissions, it appears less is covered on actually how curbing emissions will be funded. Hence comes the danger in unregulated activities such as what she says is happening in PNG with voluntary carbon trading, because as we all know money talks. Watch the documentary in full for yourself below.


For those interested in what’s going on in Copenhagen, here are some good opening speeches: