Al Gore Climate Change presentation @Deloitte Tower


8th October 2009

Dear Sir/Madam

Subject:  Al Gore Climate Change Project presentation

I am writing to formally invite you to attend this important power point presentation on Climate Change.

The Al Gore Climate Project is an important presentation initiated by former US Vice President Al Gore; the presentation covers vital and important science translated into common language for any person that can be able to contribute towards the reductions of greenhouse gas emission.

I was trained by Australian Conservation Foundation and Hon. Al Gore Climate Change Project in July 2009 in Melbourne Australia with 300 people from Asia Pacific region. Our training was to help advocates and lobbies carry out Climate Change Slide show to help influence decision makers within Asia Pacific region to be able to understand the importance of Climate Change.

Given the remaining months to Copenhagen intergovernmental penal on Climate Change it is vital that we the Al Gore Climate Change Presenters carry out as much presentation to different audience to enable them to understand and also give informative analysis to Government negotiators come this December during the conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am doing the Slide Show presentation on Wednesday 14th of October 2009 at World Bank Distance Learning Network 13th Floor Deloitte Tower Port Moresby.

Please confirm your attendance ASAP so that I can arrange for your attendance on the 14th October 2009. Call me on 721 61 949 to confirm your attendance or email back to me

David Ephraim

Al-Gore-The Climate Project Presenter