13th Richest Man in the World

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Must be the year for Billionaires in PNG or something. Earlier in the year we had Hyatt Hotel chain heir Tony Pritzker and Jim Clarke, (founder of Netscape) sailing around West New Britain, even actor Mathew McConaughey came to surf at Nusa Island Resort in New Ireland. Then Denis O’Brien, founder and owner of Digicel Group pops into town for his company’s launching and some beers at Lamana and now Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, or just Prince Al-Waleed dropped in for a chat yesterday with Grand Chief Somare.

When the 13th Richest Man in the world is taking the time for an hour’s stop in our town that must mean only one thing?! ….That big 767-400 must’ve run out of fuel???

…but seriously it’s an intriguing thought to think that we may be seeing more queries about investing here from billionaires and millionaires alike. I just hope that our Superfunds can get in on the action too so that we can participate in big business in some way. And I secretly hope that if they do put money in PNG that they don’t do things too quickly in my industry so that maybe there’s some hope for me to become a billionaire too with sunnies from Gucci.


picture from Sunday Chronicle (PNG’s only locally owned newspaper)