Approval of Telikom ADSL Rates

By Emmanuel Narokobi

After my bouncing off the ceilings last week when I got my ADSL, reality give me a big slap today. ICCC have announced that they have finally approved pricing for the ADSL service as of the 9th of Feb, 2009. So all my hopes of using it during the free period have no washed away with the heavy rains of late in Port Moresby.

Okay I’m gonna take a DEEP breath and go see Telikom as to how much all this is gonna cost me. Rob’s in Sydney right now and he’s  reported that he’s on his Mum’s ADSL2 which has a 2Gb plan at the cost of AU$30 per month or approximately K70 per month.

I wonder how much Telikom will charge me for their 700kbps service?