Is Digicel Becoming a Bigger Better Monopoly in PNG?

By Emmanuel Bobola

PNG will soon be bossed around by Digicel PNG who has enormous political support with goals that are not in line with the goals of this Nation.

They are not evil, they are a good company, but their motives and goals are to serve their shareholders and to make as much profit as possible. It is money that fuels this whole thing and since the acquisition of Online Pacific (Datanets) and Remington ISP & VSAT and now Daltron ISP & VSAT, Digicel is poised to dominate the Internet services much as it has with mobile phone services in PNG.

This domination by Digicel in 2014 and onward is a worrying trend. Communications (Internet) like electricity can enhance the lives of PNGeans if it is affordable; however the looming Internet monopoly can have serious negative effects on our economy. must not become a luxury to be afforded by a certain few. The impact of this will be immense given the fact that the National Government has turned its focus on to SME’s and the rural sector to help boost our economy through its National Transmission Network Strategy.

Both these Government initiatives will depend heavily on two commodities, Power and Communications both of which are not being sufficiently provided for by our SOE’s.

The Department of Information and Communication, NICTA and ICCC must come out and inform the public why the continuous acquisition of ISPs and Communications Companies by Digicel have not been discussed and analyzed.

It is of National interest because our economy depends heavily on communications. The regional and global Internet goals by Governments in general are to reduce Internet tariffs , increase Internet penetration and volume and liberalize Internet markets.

Whilst our region is heading to improve Internet penetration numbers and service levels, the buyout of 3 independent ISP & VSAT companies is a sure sign of the development of a monopoly. We do not want to return to the 1990s where the monopoly of the incumbent made Internet and Communications services in PNG a luxury commodity.

The Government should intervene to put a price cap on Internet tariffs and regulate it somewhere to help PNG increase its Internet penetration around the country and ensure that Internet is reliable and affordable.

Can the Government not see that Digicel’s strategy is in direct competition to the National Transmission Network spear headed by IPBC and PNG Dataco Limited?

Wake up everyone!


Daltron/Digicel Announcement

on 12 December, 2013 at 16:55

Message from Graham Rix: CEO / General Manager, Daltron

Thank you for being a loyal customer of Daltron’s this past year. We trust you have had a great year and you are looking forward to 2014. Daltron has had a successful year thanks to your support and we will endeavor to deliver and improve our service to you in 2014.
As part of our plans to improve our products and services in 2014 we have formed a strategic partnership with Digicel. Set out below is a press statement that we are very excited about and will be published in the media in the coming days.
Daltron positions itself to offer a broader VSAT & ISP coverage to customers

Daltron has entered into a wholesale arrangement with Digicel to offer existing and new customers a much wider range of VSAT & ISP services. This exciting arrangement allows Daltron to utilise Digicel’s national infrastructure. Under the wholesale agreement, Daltron will maintain service, installation, support and invoicing to customers directly or request Digicel to assist as required.

Graham Rix CEO of Daltron stated “Daltron has a strong ISP and VSAT customer base which will be serviced significantly better under this arrangement. More importantly it gives Daltron a much broader geographic reach in terms of providing services to the PNG marketplace and also provides Digicel with a very experienced channel to market through which to sell its ICT products to corporate customers”.

John Mangos, CEO of Digicel stated “This wholesale type of arrangement is used widely in other countries but is new for Digicel and Daltron in PNG and we are very pleased to have Daltron as our first wholesale corporate customer”.

At Daltron the team can now provide the best broadband services using Digicel’s 3G and soon to be released 4G Services. In addition we have access to increased VSAT technologies and satellite services in order to give customers the best connectivity options, better pricing and improved customer support and care. The Daltron- Digicel arrangement means that Daltron can now provide the best communication service (ISP & VSAT) to its customers throughout PNG.

This coupled with our other products and services means Daltron is now a complete ICT provider covering everything from Communications, Enterprise solutions, Networking, Professional Services, and Managed services, Datacentre, Training and Retail. With a certified service team in country to support you.