Prime Minister Peter O’Neill Rubbishes Social Media. Post Courier (The Drum), Friday 22nd November 2013

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SOCIAL MEDIA: The Prime Minister last night took a swipe at PNG’s social media, telling guests at a Christmas party he hosted in Parliament that they shouldn’t pay too much attention to the growing medium. “I can assure you that political stability is there (in PNG), don’t listen to social media and all the rubbish that goes on with it,” he said.

NUMBERS GAME: Interesting comments in light of the fact his colleagues in the Opposition have opted to go with social media. Digicel in September reportedly said an estimated 1.5 million Papua New Guineans have phones that can connect to the internet. Now that’s a lot of potential followers at the disposal of those smart enough to harness the potential [and power] of social media.

Comments on Facebook Groups & Walls
Pitau Karup: Clearly Peter O’Neil is seriousely affected by the this medium and has nothing to say coming up with this baby-sense talking. PO, you must be in the wonder land to think that all is well and the country in ur care is stable, mate, looks like its you, your wives and your children are stable at the expense of taxpayers like me, not the nation. Well let me announce to you peter oneil that your days are counting down pretty quick coz ur governmnt has already started cracking without you realising….

Adriana Lames Schmidt: Freedom of speech in all its forms of media! that includes social media! what the hell is pm fussing about! The social media has great potential to make big changes! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

John Pora: Social Media is a 2 way street that connects people, we have had a one way street of ‘being told’ what to believe for many years, now we have a platform to tell Politicians the reality that we hear them but we see them too, you cannot hide with titles or positions of power given to you to serve the people.

Power to the people, the families who take a stand now to say ‘we expect more’ from Honorable people.

Together let’s use Social Media for good, the people put Leaders there, the people can take them out. Give Social Media some powerful positive energy and light so that the wolves in sheep’s cloth can no longer hide their true intentions. Let the fun begin

Vincent Moses: Papua New Guineans have always wanted to have a say in the manner their elected or mandated representatives run their country but we have not had the means prior to the introduction of social media. With Social media, the avenue or the means is now available and it will catch on and spread like wild fire. No matter what Peter O’Neill and his band of thieves want to do to stop it, they will not succeed. We all now have a platform, a means and an avenue. Utilise it to the fullest extent to keep these mandated leaders under the spotlight. Remember, they are only operating using power which we people have given to them through our mandate at the ballot box. If they abuse or misuse that power, we have EVERY RIGHT to reclaim that power and exercise it ourselves, collectively through whatever means necessary.

Lyn Kowih: Admins of Social Media Forums..KEEP THE REPORTS FLOWING IN..! Expose..Depose..Dispose! Yes Ya!

Vincent Moses: PM and other MPs are afraid because PNGans have never had a real time medium such as social media to interact and share information on any and all issues. Think about it, the days of them getting away with corruption have come to an end. All it takes is for one person with access to social media to know about something and within minutes, everyone else knows about it, as soon as it is uploaded. This is different to mainstream media where things have to be edited, screened, and then later aired or published, much later or even the next day.

John Pora: Share this post on your walls, let’s break a record here to show that a gentle force of information shared people to people can create a wave strong enough to change the course of PNG’S Leadership decisions, the real power is within us.

Decot De Jarvis: That’s social media at its ugliest best!! Way to go..

Ismael Isikel Decot De Jarvis yes, it’s ugliest best. Whatever the argument, facebook is the conscience of the people including those who oppose it.

Arnold Joseph Jnr: Regulating social media wont change anything. I think its time they listen to the people

Reishna Nomonu: This is an Information Tech world that we live in and regulations will hit brickwalls.

Jonah Irum: Let’s not waste time talking and we get no way. I call on the Admins of the social media groups n those like minded patriot brave hearts to come forward n let’s take fight to the streets. I am raising my hand up now give me 20 more brave heart men n women n we move.

Ranzolin Yags Kala: Poeple dnt let dwn social media, we on rigt track. The PNG population wil now depnd on social media,cos we no longer trust MPs.


Oigen Schulze: Long gone is the era of stupidity, surprisingly there are still few evidences of it in Parliament

Revie Levi Stanley: Whether you like us or not PO, get use to it because we will be around for a while.

Raydod Laboi: he is an ignorant ba?tard that cannot consider our views.

Peter J Yer: Kaboom! He has just obliterated what’s left of his integrity and dignity! Self-destruction in the highest extreme!